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edited November 2022 in Creations

The writing and recording for giants was finished in June, and then I just labandonned it until I started getting interested in IOS music production.
I planned to redo it completely on iPad but I got lazy especially with recreating my samples patches, and eventually just exported each audio track, and finished the mix and master on iPad with NS@ and Neon audio editor.
I always hated mixing and mastering, but I have to admit I quite like doing it on the iPad. I don't know why.

Giants is live on the streaming platforms with much better sound (48-24)

Sorry for the big YouTube things, I have no idea how to make that smaller.

Giants Mvt I:

Giants Mvt II:

Giants Mvt III:

Giants Mvt IV:


  • Joseph: What software did you use to make these recordings? I’m guessing a desktop DAW with great libraries for the instruments. I like to write stuff like this on IOS using Staffpad because I’m cheap and Staffpad is inexpensive compared to the desktop pricing. Have you looked into it?

    FYI: YouTube doesn’t download high files onto the forum. It just has an “embed” link that points to the YouTube content so it’s not a big deal in terms of space on the forum.

    I have not listened to all of the music yet but I know it’s hard to get feed back on this type of work. I encourage you to keep doing it if it feeds your musical soul. You have mastered the software required to avoid printing out paper have hiring an orchestra… it’s very convincing.

    What libraries are used?

  • Disclaimer: this isn’t my usual musical cup of tea, and I’m remarkably unqualified to comment, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. And been impressed by your obvious skill in creating it. Thank heavens you took the plunge and put it up somewhere for people to find and enjoy!

  • Thank you @bygjohn @McD.
    It was all done with free software and libraries except on the iPad: but the apps aren’t expensive.
    For Giants I started in cakewalk that I’ve been using for decades. The libraries are all free from pianobook, spitfire labs and some others.
    I’ve already converted some sample libraries for NS2 and AudioLayer, and my newest projects are made 100% on iPad. I even converted “my night on mars” to finish it in NS2.
    Since I’m not using lot of effects and not many tracks either, the iPad works surprisingly well. It’s a very different way of working and I actually like it a lot.

  • @jo92346 said:
    Thank you @bygjohn @McD.
    It was all done with free software and libraries except on the iPad: but the apps aren’t expensive.
    For Giants I started in cakewalk that I’ve been using for decades. The libraries are all free from pianobook, spitfire labs and some others.

    PianoBook has a few sampler targets. Are you using Decent Sampler which is free or Kontakt which has a lot more features.

  • Some really nice cinematic pieces here. Congrats!

  • Thanks @NeuM.
    @McD : on my workstation I'm using Kontakt since version 2 (didn't upgrade to Kontakt 7 yet), but I'm also using Decent Sampler.
    In both cases, with most of the free libraries, I have to adjust the samples anyways: start, end, declicking, normalisation, DC bias, noise correction, sometimes pitch correction: my reasoning is all that is done at sample level first to get the cleanest perfectly adjusted samples doesn't eat any cpu power. Turns out it also make my sample libraries easier to convert for AudioLayer and NS2 and very NOT CPU hungry. I didn't run in any clicks or lag issues on the iPad yet, and honestly my samples sound quite the same on the iPad, the only issue being the lack of real assignable CC in Audiolayer.
    Until that is possible, I'm compromising: I get either only 3 layers, no real RR and fully assignable CC in NS2 or many more layers, real RR but no practical way to assign all the CC I need in AudioLayer. Therefore for now I keep the instruments that need Vibrato, tremolos, and sweep controls in NS2 (strings, brass, woods) and percussions, pianos, etc in AudioLayer.

  • Some beautiful stuff here. Particularly liked Movement 2 but also the quieter sections of all of the other movements and the Tubular Bells(ish) ending to Mvt 4.
    Unfortunately I think @McD is probably right in that the sheer duration and type of music puts a lot of people off.
    Don’t let the lack of response put you of though as you are obviously a very talented man with a lot to offer the forum.
    I’ve also looked at some of your photographs. Fantastic, especially liked the birds !

  • Thank you for taking the time @GeoTony .

  • Some free codes on


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