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mLFO in AUM help needed

Hello, as title says, struggling with this setup.
I know it’s not that hard but I seem to have a real block on how midi is dealt with in AUM.
I worked through all the text and vids before finally finding Jakob Haq’s vid which got it working.
However when I duplicate the settings for anything other than channel one it stops working. Images show when set for channel 2.
Can anyone tell me where I’m going wrong? Thanks!


  • iPhone 8+ iOS 16

  • Hi @Zerozerozero , if I read your screenshots correctly, isn’t the problem that you are connecting the LFO as a Midi source when it should be connected in the Midi Control section.
    I.e. defined at the top of the window in your second screen shot which is accessed by the orange mixer icon top right(ish) in your third screenshot.
    Here is a video of it working (I know this is using channel 1 but I’ve tried it on channel 2 and it works the same…

  • Thanks for reply. Not sure, it says midi controls in one of my screenshots with the cutoff assigned. I can’t find the midi source page that you mention.
    I can supply more screenshots if that’s helpful? Had a look at video and settings seem to be the same…

  • Hiya, if you scroll to the top of the Midi controls window does it say No Midi Source as per screenshot below?… this is where you need to define mLFO as being the source of your CCs

  • Hi, says something about mLFO in that section…

  • OK, you got me beat 🥲 haven’t got mLFO so can’t try it out.. perhaps somebody who has it can chime in… good luck!

  • Can you share the aumproj?

  • @Zerozerozero said:
    Hi, says something about mLFO in that section…

    OK but have u assigned it to anything? And have you assigned the correct channels and cc numbers etc?

  • Thanks for all replies. Have it working on a different channel now, my lack of understanding of AUM midi settings was/is to blame.
    I still don’t fully understand it but seems that you can have different midi channels for playing an instrument and it’s “midi control destinations”.
    So for this use I only use the midi control destination menu and completely ignore any others.
    Think that’s right…?

  • edited October 2022

    Yes, to manipulate parameters like these that are exposed to AUM by Viking, use the orange mixer icon to define the midi source, channels, Cc.
    To receive Midi from a ‘Midi Processor’ e.e. ZOA, Piano Motifs etc that is providing notes to play the instrument use the ‘Connect Midi Sources’ route as you did in the third of your original screenshots.

  • Thanks for confirming @GeoTony and to all for improving my AUM knowledge 🙏🏻

  • Midi is a dark art....

  • @Zerozerozero : maybe this will help with understanding. Some plugins let you control their settings directly with midi. When you are controlling AU parameters, you are telling AUM to “twist the AU’s knobs”. MIDI Control is the part of AUM that manipulates the AU parameters.

    MIDI Control can recently pretty much any midi message on any channel and use that information to “twist a knob” (change an AU parameter).

    Basically what you are doing is saying: “hey AUM when you receive midi cc 25 on channel 3 from my midi controller, twist the knob that controls the filter cutoff”.

  • Yes, it’s getting better with AUM…
    I’d previously manipulated cc’s in Xequence but with everything set to same midi channel.
    I think it’s because I didn’t realise you can play notes and change cc’s on different midi channels and that the same menus are accessible from different places that was really throwing me.
    I guess these things are largely more for people with complex setups/controllers etc.
    If I can recreate my setup from the 90’s I’m happy 😆
    All good knowledge though 👍🏻

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    Anyone else having issues with mLFO crashing, when opening a project in AUM? It's been doing it a lot recently. I have a 6th gen ipad 2018, running os 15.1.

  • edited June 2023

    Can confirm. Fails to load when opening AUM project.
    iOS 16.5
    Have sent email to dev

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