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UMC404HD with iPad

edited October 23 in Hardware

Hi guys, is anyone using the Behringer UMC404HD with their iPad? I would like to purchase one to use with my iPad air 2 and Loopy Pro, but just want to make sure if it works correctly first.


  • Yes, works fine with the camera to lightning adapter (on my older iPad, don’t know about usb c versions).

  • I have it but haven't used it for a very long time. From what I recall everything worked fine except there was some volume problem - after sometime it suddenly became a lot quieter. Don't know what was the cause of this, in fact I was a bit lost in using those knobs, ports and switches on the UMC so maybe I was doing something wrong. But from what I remember I looked up that loudness issue on the web and indeed there were some people complaining about it so maybe read about it and whether it was resolved by Behringer or so.
    For the price I would still recommend it. I'd even go for that UMC1802 unit because I could connect all the gear I have and wouldn't have to bother about switching them around. Plus you can use ADAT to expand it if I'm not mistaken which you cannot do with 404HD unfortunately.
    Please bear in mind that I haven't used it all that much, haven't used it for a very long time and perhaps those loudness issues were caused by my usage of it.

  • Plus there's software to configure it but it's desktop only (as usual... )

  • I use a UMC404HD all the time with my 2021 pro and I like it a lot. I use a small usb c to usb A adapter in the iPad and I plug a seven port powered usb hub into that for the UMC, keyboards, controllers etc.

    I like this audio adapter so much I bought a UMC204HD yesterday to use with my older iPad and my pc.

    The MIDI ports on these units are very handy too.

  • Hi, I use the UMC1820 and 404 (and Helicon Blender) without issue - I think there are great.

    I sometimes have a ‘loudness’ issue and it turns out that the IPAD input volume was being reset to 50% - easy to check and rectify in AUM settings. It still occasionally catches me out and I’ve no idea why it occurs and it doesn’t seem UMC specific.

  • I have 3, 1 for Ableton, 1 for iPad, and 1 crapped out for no reason but they replaced it. They work great.

  • Thanks for all the replies. I received my UMC404HD and it's working a treat! Even works directly powered through a powered hub, don't have to have a separate power supply. Really stoked with it :)

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