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Bluetooth midi controllers with additional functions

edited October 2022 in Hardware

So I already have the Akai lpk 25 Air as a basic Bluetooth midi keyboard but I am looking for something more advanced
I need a controller that triggers them record function in GarageBand let me change presets in multiple instrument Apps and ideally has some effects I can control without needing to do extra mapping but this is not necessary
I am testing out the Orba 2 right now and I really like the expressiveness of this instrument but 8 keys are a bit limiting and I’m thinking of giving it back also because the sampling capability only seems to work with a computer and I don’t have one
I’ve seen the nano key studio from korg which here in Germany costs exactly the same as the orba is that something you would recommend?
I wish the launchkey mini had Bluetooth capabilities because that looks nice also although I don’t know if it would fit all my needs
I was at a local music store yesterday but the guy had no idea of iPad music production and couldn’t tell me if the midi controllers they had could perform the things I needed on iPad so it was useless
I am happy for any suggestions


  • I believe you can by a Bluetooth midi adapter.

    Korg Nanokey that what I have and I like it a lot. The keys aren’t that great, but it has knobs, pads, keys, x/y.

  • I’ve never tried one of these but might be great for your situation.

    Yamaha BT Adapter, either 5 pin midi or usb, made for iDevices too.

    Yamaha Wireless MD-BT01 5-PIN DIN MIDI Adapter

  • Would the cme widi uhost work?

  • It should, but I’m not certain.. I did see this, which seems like a minor detour at most.

    [!! Attention !!] General Bluetooth pairing does not work for Bluetooth MIDI. Update firmware via WIDI App first. Follow the exact pairing instructions for optimal performance. Get 24/7 support via bluetoothmidi(dot)com.

    5% coupon on Amazon right now too.

    I can’t say for sure, since I don’t have it but it sounds like it will.

    I’d definitely confirm compatibility with the devices you plan on using before purchase.

    Try searching the forum for mention of the CME Widi Uhost to see if it’s been discussed as well as any other places like the manufacturers site to get as much info as possible on connectivity, & compatibility.

    Hopefully someone who has this device can confirm?

  • I would consider getting a second iPad and using, say, GeoShred Control as your controller.

    There are lots of others to choose from, incl. build your own with MIDI Designer or TouchOSC.

    I don't think you can avoid needing to map CC# and channel #'s no matter what you do, unless you buy HW and apps that are designed for each other.

    I do recommend looking at the WIDI adapters, which can also be used with iPad. I like that they connect with each other automatically.

  • Thank you for all your suggestions
    I have decided to keep the Orba as Bluetooth device and because of how it controls the sound
    But also I will buy the Launchkey for more functionality with much morebuttons than my akai keyboard

  • Did that grid controller ever actually go on sale? Seems it shipped to pledgers, months ago, but don’t see any for sale

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