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Seperate Mono Outputs for Stereo Interfaces

I am using LoopyHD for my "Guitar and Vocal" loop sessions. But sometimes i need seperate fx channel outputs for sending vocals & guitars seperately to PA. Or when i want to send Loopy metronome to our drummers headphone...

And i have one more request about this situation; Loopy has multiple channels but has no seperate inputs. And in Audiobus there is no seperate Loopy outputs(actually inputs, but must be in Audiobus's output section). for example when i was playing a riff and singing a melody, i want to record only guitar channel. For do that;

left input(guitar) -> loopy channel 1-2-3 -> left output

right input(vocal) -> loopy channel 4-5-6 -> right output

But there is no way to do this.

Thanks from now..(Sorry for my bad English)


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