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4 Pockets Progressions does not start immediately in Drambo

When I load Progressions as an audiounit instrument into Drambo it does not start immediately with the transport. There is always a number of empty bars before the chord progression or arpeggio starts. I do have host sync in Progressions enabled. When I start the transport, I can see the play button lighting up and the beat counter running.
Just did some more testing and it looks as if some internal counter in Progressions does not reset:

  • 1st start after loading the patch into Drambo = immediate start
  • 2nd start: When I stopped the transport at the fourth chord in the progression, Progression now waits for four bars until it starts. This even happens when I manually select chord number one in the progression.
    This does not seem to be Drambo related because other sequencer plugins "take off" immediately.

Is anybody having the same problem ? Any solutions for this ?

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