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Song For A Fallen God

This is a good one, linear lines and all.
Ravenscroft 275, BeatHawk Total Bass.


  • I love that riff that’s a theme throughout. Also love how you veered away from it often, but implied it still being there, especially at the end.

  • You're right, it's a good one. Thanks for sharing.

  • Indeed, a very very good one Mike. I really like it in its current form, but could definitely imagine an orchestrated version as well.

  • Thanks @Edward_Alexander, yeah, that’s why I thought it a cut above.
    Thanks for commenting @belldu. Much appreciated.
    @JanKun, I’ll send you the project, bro.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    This is a good one, linear lines and all.
    Ravenscroft 275, BeatHawk Total Bass.

    Very nice 🥰

  • This is a solemn and fitting tribute to a King.
    Lovely piano offering!
    Very well done, and I love this recording.

  • Very coherent and elegant. Would have been happy with just solo piano, because I’m a sucker for unadorned piano tones. Intrigued by your process: do you improvise on the piano first, capture the midi, then add the bass after? It sounds very organic.

  • Thank you for the continuing comments @ReneAsologuitar. Appreciated!
    @Svetlovska, my flow is almost always the same. I record an improvised piano midi and additionally split it into bass and treble zones for tracks 2 and 3. Sometimes I add a lead line and percussion. I midi edit the bass part to accommodate a single not bass part if it’s a jazz track.. Then I plug in instruments and arrange. That’s it.

  • Some great playing in this and the mix feels like a live room to me. I like the subtle textures you added throughout. This is indeed a good one.

  • Thanks for the affirmation, @MadeofWax. Appreciated.

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