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Quick thoughts after 1 month with MPC Keys

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So I've had the MPC Keys 61 since August 12. My first MPC. Some thoughts:

  • I miss this forum. I'm not disrespecting the MPC community, but this forum and community are far more engaging and responsive than what I've found in the MPC world.
  • Muscle memory is good. I suspected it mattered, and it is happening. With the MPC, many things I want to do or navigate are a physical click, double-click away, or a touchpad click away.
  • Keyboard integration is a good thing. TBD how much it matters. Before the Keys, the lack of integrated keyboard was an obstacle for me in making a move to MPC. Yes, yes, yes, I know a good MIDI keyboard, and an MPC One is about the same thing and far, far, less expensive. But it IS nice to have this one thing to turn on to satisfy many motivations to play music.
  • Sounds are very good. NOT the best. IMO, the best sounds I can have are my, ahem, Behringer Model D, UVI VSTs, iPad Moog apps, my real guitar and bass, a couple of MPC new plug-ins, other iPad apps, other MPC plug-in apps, and MPC program and keygroups, oh, and the OP-1, in that order.
  • The MPC worldview makes good enough sense. Sequences, track, plug-ins, keygroups, events. It makes sense. Kinda' unique and weird. But it works.
  • MPC DAW makes sense. Is it better than Logic? Reaper? Cubasis? Ableton? Don't care to choose. Given the other things it's doing, it's not the most relevant question.
  • MPC effects and sound design tools seem complete enough.
  • Bluetooth integration with iPad MIDI works. I had some missteps. And there are too many places to look. And I would not play the Superbowl live with it. But it works pretty darn well.
  • Guitar > iPad > MIDI Guitar > Bluetooth > MPC works. So, yes, you can play any synth or sample to your heart's content with your guitar!
  • I will likely integrate at least the Moog apps into my MPC work. Later. First, I am primarily trying to stick with the MPC world to aid my learning curve. And satisfy this shot at a quest for a simplified, integrated workflow

Anyway, I've been meaning to share. So there you have it, folks.



  • thank you for kind of report!
    congratulation of nice workstation! 👍

  • Thanks for your insight Joe.

    Do any of the new synths have LFOs? That's one thing that bothers me abut the Force - no LFOs on any of the built-in synths (workaround is to use the global LFOs, or record automation). I'll probably get the 4-operator FM synth once it's available for the Force. If anyone knows of a video where the reviewer dives deep into its synthesis options, please post a link.

    Speaking of Moog, did you see the Force video where a beta tester showed the 'Model D' synth? Pretty cool. The Odyssey sounds really good and 'nonlinear analog', hopefully their Moog gets close too.

  • Odyssey and OBX4 have the best sounds to my ears. And I believe both have LFOs.

  • Odyssey has the one LFO, nice that it can be tempo-synced. Didn't know about the Oberheim synth, interesting.

    Hype is multi-synthesis (depending on the patch), and it could definitely benefit from an LFO or three - to scan thru the wavetables, FM amount, formant, detune, etc.

  • I also have to say that the Organ plug-in sounds great with the B3 Hammond presets. No need to look elsewhere.

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