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Metropolis / Spidericemidas + Tardigrain

There are so many wonderful synths and FX. For a beginner it must be a virtual haystack of needles. It almost seems unfair to all the devs that we don’t or can’t take advantage of their creations regularly. So it is for me and Tardigrain. Yet, here it is, along with a great new KAULDRON preset from @Spidericemidas.

Add to that Ravenscroft 275 and BeatHawk total Bass and you have a romantic re-envisioning of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.


  • Hi LinearLineman,
    This is superb piano playing, really have the feel and vibe of a modern metropolis.
    And yes, the devs, like music creators, have the challenging path ahead, like a virtual and "no end in sight" haystack of needles, poking you all the way. "Haystack of needles" very smart imagination, Mike!!!
    Lovely creation! The key is "just do it"!

  • 👨‍🎨 🧠 🤖 something about the pacing seems Zappa-esque

  • Superb piano playing! It has a scurrying feeling about it, just like a busy city.

  • @Stochastically said:
    👨‍🎨 🧠 🤖 something about the pacing seems Zappa-esque

    +1. Lovely!

  • Very impressive waves of notes ! The playing is brilliant, fast, accurate and articulate. Some nice sound choices too.
    Suggestion, increase the tempo in Cubasis3 and playback your initial take if you recorded it as MIDI, then create a mixdown and call it Tendinitis 🤭

  • Thanks @ReneAsologuitar yeah, it has that Koyaanisqatsi feel at times that Philip Glas did so wonderfully.

    Thanks @Spidericemidas, your Kauldron preset fit perfectly.

    @Stochastically @rs2000 I hadn’t connected Zappa but you’re right about that.

    @JanKun, technology helped. I increased the bpm and quantized to 1/16th. That helped a lot.

  • Liked this one a lot, great piano playing but I guess a few people have said that already 🙏
    Without wishing to hijack.. before I opened the thread I thought it was going to reference one of my favourite albums , Metropolis by Mike Westbrook… have a listen if you haven’t already… this is one track with some sublime Flugelhorn from the late Kenny Wheeler…

  • Thx @GeoTony, the flugelhorn is really good. I had never heard of Kenny.

  • Metropolis and the later Citadel / Room 315 have a stellar cast of British (and a few Canadians I think) jazz players who are probably, other than John Surman, unknown on your side 'of the pond'. Both are well worth listening to in their entirety... Citadel is my favourite.

  • @Stochastically said:
    👨‍🎨 🧠 🤖 something about the pacing seems Zappa-esque

    Finally beginning my post Covid journey through the Creations and wow, how did I miss this? This is fantastic!

  • @MadeofWax said:

    @Stochastically said:
    👨‍🎨 🧠 🤖 something about the pacing seems Zappa-esque

    Finally beginning my post Covid journey through the Creations and wow, how did I miss this? This is fantastic!

    Watch for a collaboration thread on this improv with added orchestra by @Jankun… it’s like a Piano Concerto.

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