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Imaginando’s LK

edited August 2022 in Feature Wishlists

After speaking to members in discord and with the Xequence beta setting the bar, we need a list of grievances and updates geared towards the devs at @imaginando, beginning with

  1. bug Fixes


    1. Hold mode, synchro phased gate mode.
  • "we need a list of grievances"?

    Well, that's one way to approach the problem.

  • I have the feeling you've got and axe to grind, why not email the Devs direct with a list of bugs you want fixing, surely that's gonna be more productive than calling them out on a message board.. if you speak to them respectfully you generally get a good response, they implemented a few of our suggestions a month a go after a cordial discussion on the main lk thread.. keep in mind they're a very small team too..

  • edited August 2022

    so maybe I put numer 2 too fast, but better to tell what we like, what we see in the future, than keep it in the secret. of course improovements , new functions are not „grievances”, but we are not too serious at all.

  • edited August 2022
    1. Mouse support: I can’t scroll the list of scenes with Magic Keyboard’s trackpad, forcing me to touch the screen; I have to long-click with the mouse to add scenes, the proper idiom is to use right-click (“long click” is never correct). I also have to click and drag to scroll.

    2. Icon labels: at least on iPad there is plenty of space to have labels for most of the icons in the UI. There are so many icons it’s overwhelming. There’s a big 🧲 button - ok… an ⬆️ button… ok… (oh and another smaller version of the same ⬆️ on the right side), and a triangle icon button that points up or down. Clicking them doesn’t clarify any of their behaviors. Hard to make sense of it without memorizing the manual and thinking hard each time. The manual also has an entirely different order for the buttons and some buttons have changed, so it’s impossible to learn from scratch.

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