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Pulsate To The Irresistible

Ravenscroft 275 and BeatHawk Total Bass.


  • I Like how downright unapologetic those piano lines get while still being connected to that (convincingly live sounding) bass. B)

  • It took me a lot longer than the 4:42 run time of this song to make it to the end. I kept pausing and going back to hear some of those amazing runs on the keys. Phenomenal playing.

  • There was a guy here in Chicago named Ken Nordine. He had a radio program called 'Word Jazz'. He would recite incredibly imaginative spoken word while an ensemble of Chicago jazz and studio players improvised. I'm hearing him now. If you have haven't heard his work, I think you would enjoy. Nice!

  • Absolutely badass! Seriously inspired playing in there.

  • Another irresistible track, Mike ! You're on fire ! Keep them coming !

  • Hi Linear Lineman,
    Agree with janKun, definitely on fire, you are, Sir!!!
    Then bass and the piano is so lovely.
    The sophistication of your runs are truly irresistible.
    This is my fav of your work.

  • Thanks @Proppa, when you have nothin you have nothin to lose.
    @MadeofWax, you give me pause. Thx.
    @Paulieworld, indeed, I am very familiar with Ken Nordine. What a voice!
    Thanks for the praise @lukesleepwalker. Appreciated.
    Thanks for listening @JanKun , it is getting a bit hot in here!
    @ReneAsologuitar, I'm glad this got to you. Thanks from Savannah!

  • Great inter-play of piano and bass, treated as equal partners. Excellent track!
    IT would be nice (for us lesser musicians) if you could do something like a ‘chord of the moment’ I.e. a favourite chord from the piece in question so that we (I) could go away and practice it.
    Having said all that given that you improvise it I bet you don’t even know what the chords were that you used ?

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