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Island Getaway (remastered from old cassette mix)

edited July 27 in Creations

In the early 90's I had a Tascam Midistudio 688 cassette 8-track and mixed down to a Nakamichi cassette deck. Recorded songs every day back then. I've spent the summer going through piles of these tapes and remastered a few using my iPad and all the great iOS audio plugins available today.

'Island Getaway' is a smooth jazz song heavily inspired by a Japanese jazz koto player named Yutaka, specifically his 1990 'Brazasia' album which I really liked. This song is supposed to paint a scene of riding boat to a small island, making landfall, enjoying the Island, them getting back on the boat and sailing away. I was still learning the basics of keyboard impoving when this was recorded. Except for my flugelhorn all the instruments are sounds form a Korg 01W synth. I added the waves sounds with the ipad, so that is new.

I used following plugins to revive these cassette mixes:

RRS Comp 609
RSS Exciter
RSS Bass Enhancer
TB Equalizer
TB Reverb
TB Enhancer
Blue Mangoo Stereo Width



  • Enjoyed that one, especially the jazzy middle bit…
    I was a fellow Nakamichi user in my youth , had a DT600 and then a BX300. Great pieces of kit!

  • I listened with interest. It certainly has an island feel and took me back to the times I was in the Caribe eating conch fritters and drinking those island favorites. I especially liked around 3:40, maybe @GeoTony liked the same section.

    I, too, loved Nakamichis when I had the good fortune to mess with one.

  • @GeoTony: Thanks. I heard good things about that deck. I had a Nakamichi MR-1 and a MR-2. Amazing quality I thought back then, and still do after listening to these old tapes.

    @LinearLineman. Wow -- It was my dream to go down to the tropics back then, which is why I recorded so many island type songs. Sadly I've never made it there.

    Thanks for listening...

  • Sounds very nice, @Dav. Cleaning up my old tapes is a goal of mine also. I have ten years of tapes though, so I can guess how I'll be spending my retirement. :D

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