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4 Pockets Progressions App

Now this looks very cool. Great to see Paul back to what he does best.



  • Very impressive…

  • Should we already open a monster thread called "Scaler 2 vs Progressions" ? 🤪

  • IPhone-able? 4Pockets stuff all tends to be, so it’s possibly got that over Scaler 2 👍

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    Might be a GameChangier...

  • Bloody Hell! Awesome!

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    @Gratouilli said:
    Should we already open a monster thread called "Scaler 2 vs Progressions" ? 🤪

    Let the battle commence! Ding ding!

    Serriously looks bloody brilliant

  • Congratulations - this looks impressive and will be interesting to see how it compares with other apps.

    One immediate observation I'd like to make is that the 6x3 grid of chords is crying out to be coloured. My thinking is that there would be an 'auto' mode based on the underlying chord palette structure - say distance from tonal centre, but there could be other ways such using colour to illustrate the dissonance. Ideally there would also be a way for users to colour the boxes themselves - so that they would be able to insert a personal 'aide-memoire' to the palette to aid navigation in live contexts. The coloured boxes would also introduce a visual link between the chords in the 6x3 grid and the Song Sequencer, which would make these two windows easier to work with.

    Beyond this I am wondering if a live mode view could be concidered in a future update - something that takes the essential elements of the interface but is oriented towards performance and reduces the visual complexity of the main window.

  • Yummy yummy

  • Just watched the video - looks great!

  • This looks great!! Day one purchase for me

  • Looks great indeed, might be perfect companion to Euclidean.

  • @Simon said:
    Might be a GameChangier...

    Wake me up when the GameChangiest arrives :D

  • I love Scaler, ChordPolyPad, ChordJam and QuantiChord but I can never have enough chord progression apps???
    😂 looks awesome

  • This looks awesome, and works on iPhone! For anyone else wondering, in the comments he said should be available by the weekend :D

  • looks really good - although still delving into Scaler, but more the merrier :)

    does this have it's own internal sounds, or do you need to do AUM routing ? it said something about soundfonts, but never used that. Scaler of course has it's own built in (and some very good sounds), which is great for sketching out.

  • Glad to see he's back up and running at full speed.

  • Hmmm, should I buy an overpriced cup of coffee and stale scone, or this?

  • Looks like a great one! Glad Paul is back making apps.


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    There are just so many good apps, and they keep on coming. Cheers 4Pockets!
    This looks dope, chords are usually my starting point, and this looks very useful.

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    @Gratouilli said:
    Should we already open a monster thread called "Scaler 2 vs Progressions" ? 🤪

    I feel like there’s a little Tonality in there too. Along with some originality.

  • Fantastico

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    @Gratouilli said:
    Should we already open a monster thread called "Scaler 2 vs Progressions" ? 🤪

    What a Gratouillious question.

  • @Gratouilli said:
    Should we already open a monster thread called "Scaler 2 vs Progressions" ? 🤪


  • Paul’s back with another killer AUv3 app. I expect this one to be pricey but worth every penny. I need to read that PDF document for some Mozaic scripting ideas.

  • Looks very promising!

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    This looks really nice...looking forward to seeing it live. Really great to see Paul knocking it out of the park on this one!

  • This will be a release day purchase for me. Really does look good. Looking forward to reading the paper mentioned that covers the theory too. How does he keep knocking them out like this? Absolute code monster!

  • Nice, will love to see a feature to sync multiple instances (Bass, melody, lead, etc.) and a detachable, scalable Arp, Strum editor with savable phrases.. even purchase pack phrases..

    Welcome back Paul.. 👌

  • I wish that I was 10% smart as Paul……. Cant wait for this. Looks fun.

  • Can't wait for this one! 🤩

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