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Loopy PRO / DRAMBO volume issue

Hello folks.

I'm using loopy pro inside DRAMBO, in order to loop certain tracks.

Having a major issue with the volume of loopy people. It records way more quiet than the original Drambo track. Let's say I record a bass loop into loopy pro, then cut the original and play the loop pro recording, it's easily half the volume of the original.

Is there something I'm missing here? My methods is sticking Loopy Pro into a track, and using audio input to choose which track is like to record. Otherwise I haven't touched anything within loopy. Frustrating as the volume is way too quiet!


  • Try setting the level of the track hosting Loopy Pro to 0db or something like that.
    The default track levles in Drambo are conservatively set so you won’t blow your ears :sunglasses:

  • Yes, you may be getting doubled-up gain reductions, once going in and once going out. Most 3rd party plugins are automatically quieter in Drambo due to it reducing the send amount to the master track. You just need to adjust a few things to compensate for these changes.

  • Ah excellent, 0db seems to match the original tracks volume bang on, a simple but helpful solution!

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