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JWM - It's Dark In Here (6-minute Bite-Sized Dark Ambient)

edited July 4 in Creations

I tried to get along with Thafknar, honestly I did. I wanted to use it to create a drone, but when I stretched the random sound of the day from Freesound (a movie impact) to 5 minutes to use as an IR, Thafknar refused to play nice when trying to load the wav as an IR. I then tried IMPULSator, and it flat out refused to play nice as well. These type of reverbs really are...wait for it...convoluted. (Pause for laughter from the pun. Crickets. Right, moving on.)

So what was to be my IR was instead loaded into AUM's FilePlayer, highpassed to shave off a little low end, dipped to lower the muddy frequencies, and a lowpass filter to be manipulated live.

Then I created a rhythmic kind of bass in Buttersynth driven by 4Pockets' Euclidean. I recorded that into Gauss (I didn't slow it down, just added warble) and processed that through a lowpass filter to be performed live, Bleass' Phaser (so crispy!), Klevgrand Daw LP, and Bleass' Reverb for some space.

After that, I recorded Fundamental into Gauss (again only adding warble), shaved off some low end with a highpass filter, loaded a lowpass to be performed live, and slapped on Bleass' Reverb.

Finally, I recorded myself grumbling about something into Gauss, then slowed it down and added warble. I processed this through Bleass' Granulizer to make the speech unrecognisable, added a lowpass to be manipulated live, slapped on Bleass' Reverb (it's my favourite everyday reverb), and added a gain since the speech was a bit too quiet.

All of this was routed to the master buss, on which I placed Klevgrand's Korvpresser to tame the signal, FAC Alteza instead of Baby Audio's Crystalline (I missed you Alteza!), ChowTape, and a peak limiter to catch peaks if any (of which there were none).

Cheers and enjoy this more bite-sized helping of Dark Ambient.


  • Any feedback?

  • Hi Jim,
    I find your process very interesting.
    You are creating some truly unique sounds.
    Thanks for this recording.

  • @ReneAsologuitar said:
    Hi Jim,
    I find your process very interesting.
    You are creating some truly unique sounds.
    Thanks for this recording.

    You're welcome mate. Thank you for your kind words! :)

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