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Petal To The Metal / More Better Steel Guitar Pro

I like this one a lot better. @McD is correct, no working sustain pedal with the AU in Cubasis.
3x Steel Guitar Pro.


  • Yeah... you have to route the sustain to Channel 16 for Steel Guitar Pro to respond. I checked. I used MIDI Route from AudioVeek's MIDI Tools as a workaround. Will that work in all DAW's? You tell me. It worked in AUM using "AUM Destination" as an intermediate target.
    How to plumb it in Cubasis needs to be worked to help @LinearLineman assuming he has MIDI Tools. Steel Guitar Pro sound a lot richer with "sustain" but you have to work for it.

  • @McD i added this issue to the problems thread. Maybe @yonac can fix the issue.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    @McD i added this issue to the problems thread. Maybe @yonac can fix the issue.

    Maybe... I thought I had a workaround and was hearing sustain but today it doesn't
    process Sustain audibly but that MUTE button in the app DOES toggle on and off.

  • Hi LinearLineman,
    I am trying to hang on to your conversations, but I am failing terribly.
    The music is very nice, though.
    I love the steel guitar melodies you are creating.
    Lovely and serene!!!
    Thanks for this recording.

  • Yes, enjoyed that one a lot more than the last one (although I did like the second half of that one)… Now if I could just get GeoShred to work with it I’d be happy 🙂

  • Thanks @GeoTony. Haven’t been following the travails of GeoShred. Update needed?

  • You really captured the sonic beauty of this new Guitar app. I don't think any other "guitar" labeled preset or apps comes close to what Yonac captured here. I'm so glad they exposed the MIDI IN feature in this Pro version... I hope they fix the sustain issue in an update.

  • Thanks @McD, I agree. These are beautiful sounding presets. I would call out acoustic guitars on BeatHawk and PSP as being excellent, in addition, for an unadorned acoustic sound.

  • I'd like to add a recommendation on this one.

    You use the same performance twice, I think:
    Once with a wonderful SGP preset
    Twice with a SGP preset that adds amp saturation

    I would beg for this optional variation:
    Once with 1st preset
    2nd with that same preset and a lovely piano app added to the mix

    I think this option should be the albums "single". Of course, this is just one opinion and I'm sure we can now get a dozen more before this thread slips under the water in the forum to rest until someone recalls it to life as a Zombie thread.

  • I really didn't want to buy another app but you make me press the button.

  • This is very nice. Brings back memories of John Abercrombie at the Jazz Showcase in Chicago. The old Showcase with the narrow stairs and low ceiling. Nice track!

  • That tremolo effect adds so much. This has so much emotion. Very expressive. I'm glad you added SGP to your collection.

  • edited July 3

    @Stochastically …5 bucks for something unique. A gift!
    @McD, the piano timbre was too blends, but I kept the tremolo guitar and added House Mark1 and Pipa. Came out good, I think.
    @Paulieworld @MadeofWax pls give this new version a listen…

  • I'd still like to hear that piano with a nice blend behind the SGP but I can make my own.

    These two half are wonderful in their own right but as a whole the seem mismatched:

    First Half - melancholy soliloquy
    2nd Half - Noir Haunted House Tour Music

    I had being negative and I love this music on the top 5% of all your work but I would love to hear a piano slipped into the mix at some point. Why you feel the need to double a MIDI piece at 3 minutes also seems like part of my issue... if you going to push for a 6 minute radio hit you need a closer.

    You asked. I'll go sulk now and deal with my guilt and shame of being an asshole.

    TL;DR 6 Wonderful 3 minute arrangements of a Melancholic theme in the spirit of Bernard Hermann (minor chords with major 7ths for the mystery). "Journey to the Center of the Drawing Room" by Agatha Christy or "Colonel Mustard in the Wind Cellar with a Cricket Bat" by Mel Brooks.

    Mel Brooks is still alive at 96! Only 1904 years to go.

  • @McD, I just couldn’t get the piano (I tried several) to sound right. Part is that the notes are not typical left hand right hand melody and chords. There’s not much going on for the piano to bite into. It’s just doubling the melodic journey. This could only work if the piano was playing chords as well, I think.

    As to my doubling of a three minute midi track, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Exact repetition is the order of the day in music, whether classical or pop (jazz, much less, but the chords repeat. Free jazz is another story). We’re used to A-B-A or verse, chorus and bridge. So I do A-A but there are usually a musical evolution in that A section and I always vary the instrumentation to create musical drama (when I’m successful).

    I double it when I believe it’s worth hearing the music twice, especially when it’s context is changed (sometimes radically) by the addition of synths, pads, ARPs, orchestra, choir, percussion, etc. My track, Beethoven’s Edibles, is a perfect example of that. 4 repetitions of a 2 1/2 minute improvisation that includes straight piano, inclusion of strings for an orchestral feeling, a doubling delay of the piano part which gives a voluminous flood of doubled notes, a guitar rendering and, finally, a brash synthesized version. That worked very well, IMO,

    It’s possible that A-A is a unique format that not many composers use throughout their work. But Beethoven wrote 40 sonatas and every one follows the same sonatic formula, Mozart’s repetitions are exact… why he doesn’t even add a synth! Not sure why you take exception with A-A.

  • I took a shot at mixing piano with Steel Guitar Pro and it didn't have the sonic splendor I was hoping for. Sorry for the dis'.

    That first half is so good I just stop at the 3 minute mark and we're good. I'm sure I can start at the 3 minute mark and enjoy that 2.

  • @McD did you listen to Strings and Steel? I think it’s the best use of SGP I’ve done… and no repeats.

  • The music is light, patient, and free. Not surprised you are nailing it w/SGP.

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