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Fresh Air in iOS ?

Is there any "musical sounding" exciter app that does not sound harsh? Similar to "Fresh Air" vst by Slate digital (

I am using exciter and not getting the same result as Fresh Air. Exciter -


  • I don’t know Fresh Air.
    But I like FAC Bandit, Saturator-X (in MixBox), Harmonic Exciter (4pockets). There’s also Klevgränd’s REAMP.

  • check out RRS exciter. I believe its "red rock sounds" they have one for lowend like the Aphex Fat bottom aswell as for the top end like the slate one you mentioned. Also in Cubasis there an iAP for fx pack 2 that has the BBE sonic maximizer that does the top and bottom.


  • It looks like the RRS Exciter is based on the Aphex Aural Exciter, which used distortion to add harmonics to the signal. Turning down the harmonics might get closer to what you want.

    The Fresh Air plug-in is based on the Dolby Type A trick which only uses multi-band compression, with no distortion. So, you could be looking for an AUv3 that emulates that style of processing.

  • If the slate thing is emulating a true dolby A unit I can assure you that it creates harmonics. I aquired mine about 10 years ago and did the mod myself. And the dolby air trick comes from the past when they realised that encoding vocals but skipping the decode sounded amazing on tape. But the slate is probably emulating the modded A circuit which bypasses the 2 lower bands and something very similiar can be achieved with blue mangoos plugin that splits your signal out into 4 bands and recombines them after a different treatment on each band.

    Send the vox thru it but let the lower 2 bands pass the signal untouched. on the top 2 bands throw a comp and exciter on each one. Mix to taste. And then directly after the the recombined signal throw a single band comp on it and light slam the entire signal.

    I believe If you search thru the old SOS articles they did a writeup giving exact frequencies plots and even how to recreate in cubase with stock plugs


  • Oh and remember kiddies. everything in this world is just a distortion of a pure sinewave. Even our dna which the double helix is represented by 2 alternating sinewaves.

  • RRS has a maag eq4 (or nti eq3)called eq3,with the original “air band”, i love it

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