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Let it Rypdal

My attempt to pay homage to the great Norwegian guitarist Terje Rypdal.
The album What Comes After from 1974 is the inspiration for this track but all of his albums are worth checking out.
MelodyBuds playing BeatHawk Drums and Bass. MelodyBud via ChordJam playing Mela keys. ZOA playing SWAM Oboe. SnakeBud playing SWAM Cello. SnakeBud playing BeatHawk Acoustic Guitar.
Me playing GeoShred.
Made use of the new AUM Exposed Tempo to lower the bpm from 254 to 20 at the end via CC from StepBud.


  • BPM 254? It doesn't come across as being that fast... 127 maybe. But how you create the drum and bass patterns is key and 254 works to make a great backup band.

    Musically, I tested my self on deciding on the essential scale and then checked myself:
    I guessed natural minor but the keyboard showed me I was singing dorian. Its just that
    major 6th of dorian versus the minor 6th of the natural minor. There are tension notes you play with that might be around that 6th... maybe someone will have the ear to know or use a keyboard to check it for us.

    I love modal jazz... it's my favorite kind of musical ambience because the bass a drums are set free to create a rhythmic stage for a soloist to dance on. I guess I just prefer music that encourages movement which is funny because my movements are so lame. Still, like those hippies getting high on the Grateful Dead and dancing like they don't have an ounce of rhythm in their DNA... it's my jam.

  • Loved his work that was on the Heat soundtrack

  • Most excellent. Very well developed. 👍👍

  • Ha, you are right about the bpm @McD . I only realised when I read your comment that I had set the Buds to 1/2 rate so it is only really 127… no idea why I did that 😊
    Your comments about the musicality credit me with far more musical knowledge than I actually have.
    Buds were set to C Super Locrian because I liked the name! ChordJam and GS were set to Locrian because there was no Super option. Tension notes were just notes that I purposely chose as ‘wrong’ and then attempted to get back to the scale in some sort of musical way. I was happy with the end result which I guess is the most important thing…
    Didn’t know about Heat @db909 but looks like tracks from a couple of his albums. Last Night from the Blue album is a classic example of his tone and playing.
    🙏 @LinearLineman

  • Ahh I’ll have to dig deeper. Last Night was my fav

  • I had to Google "C Super Locrian" to see if I was close thinking Eb Dorian was a good scale to use to fit the tonality of your piece:

    With the except of the E natural they share 6 notes in common (Eb dorian uses F as it's 2nd step).

    Now picking Eb as a root when the root from the software was a C deserves another listen
    with a keyboard at hand to see if I can hear the C.

    I think the fact that you play these solos by ear is very cool and that you find extra tension
    notes to step outside the easy notes and find resolutions to these extra tensions. That's
    the heart of what @linearlineman does for his melodies but of course he's also playing all the bass and harmonic supporting content in realtime is beyond cool. With a lifetime of work
    training your brain you can get there... but responding to backing harmonic content is a very satisfying musical experience too. Listening for the decisions made is also a lot of fun, I think.

    Keep making these wonderful explorations of modern harmonic styles.

  • Hi GeoTony,
    This guitar music tribute is very cool!!!
    I have to check out Terje.
    There is a lot of peace in this music.
    I can listen to this recording all day.
    I love this recording.

  • This is really neat. This is the first recording of Geoshred in action (not familiar with it at all) I’ve heard and you utilize it in such a skillful, unique way that enhances the hazy calm. Makes me think of being in the sun, listening to a thunderstorm off in the distance.

  • Thanks @ReneAsologuitar and @myapologies . GeoShred is really the only playing surface I use. No better or worse than anything else, just what suits me. Have a listen to other tracks here… … 99% played with GS.

  • There’s a lot going on here. I really like it. I’m not familiar with Rypdal but I’m reminded of early 70’s Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and Jack Johnson. There’s a brooding disquiet to the piece that is really intriguing. From a quick dip into Spotify, I see how your instrumentation links to that on What Comes After. The use of generative sequencers in something as free-blowing as this is an eye-opener. Thank you for showing me the possibilities. Oh yes, some impressive shredding there too!

  • Beautiful composition. I agree with @AndyHoneybone with regards to early MIles Davis. I can hear it, especially between 1:25 and 1:35. It gave me a chill. The Geoshredding is spot on and works perfectly with the background canvas you created. Last night I fired up ZOA based on this track and 'Bachs Bad Hair Day' by @MadeofWax. I bought ZOA about a year ago and couldn't figure out what to do with it. I paired it with iFretless and think I now have something new that will become a regular part of my process. Thanks!

  • I'm such a Rypdal fan!! and very happy to found one in my favorite forum :)

    Love the sound of the track! Specially those GeoShred distorted feedbacks to sound like guitar ;) !

    PD: One of the tracks that i'm working (almost 2 years) is from a Rypdal sample.

    PD2: ECM albums always have nice music to get some samples :)

  • Thanks @AndyHoneybone , @Paulieworld and @raimundoarriagada for listening and taking the time to comment. The Miles albums and the Rypdal album came out within about 4 years of each other so I guess there must be some commonalities.
    Hope you enjoy ZOA @Paulieworld .
    ECM produce some great sounding recordings with fantastic artistes indeed @raimundoarriagada .

  • Very good one. I too am a big fan of 1970s Rypdal. Excellent geoshredding in that vibe. Very inspiring.

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