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Out of the Ooze

Primordial soup
Self awareness simmering
Evolve, thrive, devolve


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    That is very cool, indeed. And weirdly beautiful/ funny/ rockin. You cover a lot of ground in this one. Good work, mate.

  • Lovely recording.
    It seems like I am being born into this world music!
    Start of something, growing, evolving, living.
    Nicely done.

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    This reminded me of the first record which introduced me to electronic music. I borrowed it from the local library as a kid, a lifetime ago:

    You can legally download all of it from here:

    The same sense of wild talents, electronic music which can handbrake turn on a sixpence into new landscapes.

  • @LinearLineman @ReneAsologuitar thanks much for taking the time to listen and comment. Always appreciated.

    @Svetlovska The timing of that was right before I was first introduced to the original moog in 1971. Since I jumped down that rabbit hole with both feet I can’t believe I was not exposed to these guys at the time. All I knew about was Wendy (Walter) Carlos. This is so different and wonderful stuff. Thanks for turning me on to this, and especially the comparison. I am humbled.

  • This is quite a journey. Lots of variety and unexpected, such as the mood changes at 2:05 and 3:31. I dug the solo at 4:06. This took quite some time to produce. Well done!

    I still remember the first time I saw a Mini Moog at about that same time. Nobody was allowed to touch it except the manager. He had it set up to play the effect from Frankenstein. We were all duly impressed... but nobody could afford it!

  • Blimey… couldn’t have predicted where that was going… brilliant. Made me smile several times 😊

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