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Group Buy Pianoteq for PC and Mac

I sent an email to Modartt for a group buy.

Any of you is interrested in a group buy for Pianoteq?

I can't wait to buy this incredible software.

They told me:

"We are indeed working on a version for iOS. There is no release date set yet, but it should not take very long.

We will run a summer promotion in August. Perhaps you would be interested then.

Regarding a group buy. It depends on how many of you that are interested and the conditions. We can provide a certain discount."

Let me know if anyone is interrested.


  • edited June 26

    Definitely something of interest for me.

    I like the idea of a high quality piano that doesn’t require massive resources.

  • For me, the real game changer is Pianoteq on iOS.

  • Which instruments would you be interested in?

  • What I will retain here is « but it should not take very long »… 😉

  • I'm interested only if it's for the full Pianoteq Pro version, that it's the only one that is never included in the sales :D

    And it will depend in the timing of the promotion and my budget. If this July the Audio Modelling SWAM instruments are discounted, the clarinets collection for Mac OS will be my priority this month.

    And if Dune 3 is discounted to 100 euros in a Summer sale, put this as the second priority.

  • I email the support again to gain more details. I will update you as soon as I get news.

  • @Lady_App_titude said:
    Definitely something of interest for me.

    I like the idea of a high quality piano that doesn’t require massive resources.

    Exactly my toughts. I asked for a deal on the Pro version. I also asked if the deal will be higher than the upcoming sale in August.

  • I have pro on PC and I don't have the need for a Pro version on iOS. Only with Standard (even Stage) would be amazing.

  • We can have 25% on PRO if we are minimum 5. Who's in? Contact me in private please so I can proceed with that.

  • So, how many people are in? The deal for us will be good for 8 days from now.

  • OK last call for group Buy Pianoteq. We need to be at least for 25% on the Pro version (or bundle).

    Between 5 and 15. Right now are only 2 officials. Send me a PM if you are interrested.

  • Ok we are now 3. 2 more please!

  • I would be interested if it includes upgrades, and not just first time purchases.

  • @Montreal_Music said:
    Ok we are now 3. 2 more please!

    Pro is overkill for me and they seem to have sales in the 20% range for the lower tiers.
    I'll wait for the IOS version before getting out the credit card.

    You should solicit for more "members" on:

    I'm not sure they discount Pro around Black Friday so you could have good response or learn that this might not be a great offer.

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