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Gestrument Pro - Setting Up & Getting Started - Walkthrough & Tutorial for the iPad

This is a getting started guide for the incredibly great Gestrument Pro.
This app is one of the most elegant ways to use the iPad for making music.
It arrived around three years ago in the Pro version and was an instant hit at the time.
However, since then it has seemed to decline and there are hardly any videos on YouTube for this app anymore.

So I just wanted to revisit this amazing and fun app.
Gestrument Pro works great in standalone and has a load of great sounds already built right in, I am using the Standalone version throughout this video.
It does, however also support IAA and is great when paired with AUM.
Personally, I think that it still has much to offer iOS musicians, even today, and if you are new to iOS music production then you may not have even heard about Gestrument Pro.
The pricing is also really good, you download a free version, and see if you like it.
Then you have the option of buying the app outright for £16.99 or buying a subscription for £1.49 per month.

The app can be super deep or super simple, you can literally create a nice piece of music with a few minutes.

I would like to say that I was not asked by the dev to make the video, I was just playing with it a few days ago for the first time in ages and was surprised at how much fun it was.
I truly hope you enjoy the video and find the time to take Gestruemtn for a spin.
It would also be cool to hear from any other people here who still use it.
One more thing, you can also easily share your projects too via iCloud.

You can check it out here at the App Store.


  • This is a very deep tutorial, well done Doug. This software is so under-appreciated I think. So powerful and great built in sounds too.

  • edited June 23

    Underated (or under used) and so special for iOS musicians. Nothing like it.
    Ik2000 said it better than i did ;)

  • @ik2000 @cuezaireekaa Thanks, and it is a beautiful thing, I hope more people check it out.

  • Hope this underated app will get some attention now. It's such an old app but so cool, I can spend hours with this. When I started learning this app I wondered why it has so less videos on youtube. Thanks, Doug for the wonderful tutorial. Eagerly waiting for your next video on AUM integration and next level of magic..

  • They need to run a sale!! Lol

  • This is one of those apps I forget about way too often. I bought it a long time ago and got really into it for a couple of weeks and then fell out of it. Time to dive back in. Thanks Doug!

  • I hope Doug keeps demo'ing the great forgotten apps like:

    ThumbJam and DrumJam
    TC-11 and a demo of TC-Data driving other apps in AUM
    Gadget and all the associated Korg Synths that are exposed in Gadget with new names
    One Man Band with Yamaha Arranger file imports

  • This was the app that made me want to do music on iOS, and I bought it before I had an iPad. But since then I've never really managed to use it, so I'll watch this to try and get my money's worth out of it!
    Adam Hardyman's youtube channel used to feature it a lot too.

  • @McD some really nice suggestions there, I will definitely do those, in fact, I did do a couple of DrumJam demos not too long ago, and I will do some ThumbJam stuff too.
    Interesting idea on the TC-Data app too, I remember doing a video with it years ago using it to control some hardware stuff, so I'll check it out in AUM.

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