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Monolit: 10 minutes, six instances, loadsa fx - and a video! - The Monolith (what else?)

edited June 2022 in Creations

Being my further adventures into the world of video. I made the piece in AUM using only six instances of @bleassapp ’s fantastic Monolit, with slightly tweaked presets (mostly longer ADSR fade ins and slower LFOs), no other instruments, plus my usual battery of reverbs. Very impressive, clear, clean, simple to use, and the depth of its’ sound is awesome.

The video is slightly more ambitious for me, the next step in learning CapCut, (much more immediate and fun for me than LumaFusion, which, whilst I am sure is much more ‘pro’ doesn’t give me that quick workflow hit) then given a quick bath in the luvverly luvverly Glitch Studio, the nearest thing I’ve found so far to creating insta movies. Topped and tailed in iMovie.

Takeaway? I recorded the audio, from opening AUM to master, in less than an hour. Putting the video together? About a day (and night)… Damn but making video takes a long time. Imagine if I was doing it properly! :)

The best find was, a great source for royalty free open source footage which I used liberally here.


  • That was great
    Liked the video
    2 thumbs up

  • Very nice video.
    I enjoy it a lot!!!
    Quite a journey!
    Contains a huge amount of uncertainty, and unknown.
    The music is so interesting and captivating.
    Together with the video, an exceptional combination.
    Well done.

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