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New small album, an interesting Himalaya project


Himalaya a new and very interesting project. Various rhythms and atmospheres from these high mountain regions. An ode to this high world and their peoples.

Enjoy, frenq!


  • I dig this sounds, very Himalayan, very peaceful and calming music.
    Has the indigenous sound, and yet very hip and modern.
    You are a talented creator.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • @ReneAsologuitar

    Thank you for your nice and expert comment, also listen to my other albums. Thanks again.

    regards, frenq

  • Wow... how did you research this part of the world? Recordings or travel?

  • @McD pure research, first India, then Nepal, Bhutan and at last Tibet. Never been there.

    Thanks for listening, frenq.

  • @Frenq said:
    @McD pure research, first India, then Nepal, Bhutan and at last Tibet. Never been there.

    I think your re-creations show respect for the region but I wonder what someone from the region would hear.

    I created a "world music" sounding track once and played it as some background music at a computer fair. My co-worker was born in India and he started explaining to me where this music came from and what type of festival would have this collection of instruments. I felt that I had achieved my goal to show respect for another culture's art but that's just one vote for "authenticity" and he was a pure "mansplainer" by nature always seeking to show his knowledge on all topics so he could have been spouting pure BS about the festival musical practices.

  • Agreed, authenticity will always be a problem.

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