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The Nearness Of You

Guitar improv of the jazz standard, 'The Nearness Of You', by Hoagy Carmichael, using the versatile Nembrini Overdrive Special - fast becoming my favourite amp simulation on my phone.

Strat -> Special Overdrive -> AltiSpace2 (touch of plate reverb)


  • Hoagy! I hope you’ll do Baltimore Oriole one day. That sounds good!

  • Nice! One of my favorite standards!

  • @pbelgium : nice arrangement and playing.

    I love this amp sim -- and finding that it rewards patience dialing in sounds -- there is a lot of tonal variety possible and can go very clean to nicely broken up. I also find that it requires care to avoid fizziness -- but once one has done that it is pretty glorious.

  • McDMcD
    edited June 18

    Weird... the audio is not playing for me. I even went to the SoundCloud page and played another track of your which I could hear but this one is totally silent. And I can see that others are getting the music. I will try another browser type...

    UPDATE: Switched to Chrome and it's still not sounding. I'll try my iPad.
    UPDATE2: iPad speakers play it but headphones do not. I will try another pair of headphones to see if the mini-plug connector or cabling is flakey. Sorry for the drama.
    UPDATE3: Yes! My headphones are going intermittent. Wired cabling so I got a few months out of them and they generally work.

    OK… back to business.

    Nice performance. Does this amp sim sound anything like a real hardware amp you like?
    I like the TH-U PolyTone and the Amplitube ‘67 Custom Shop (Fender) for classic Jazz tone. I have never (thankfully) collected Guitar Amps but I did buy a PolyTone and it’s a good keyboard amp too. I found I was always using the PolyTone with headphones for privacy and courtesy.

  • @pbelgium said:
    Guitar improv of the jazz standard, 'The Nearness Of You', by Hoagy Carmichael, using the versatile Nembrini Overdrive Special - fast becoming my favourite amp simulation on my phone.

    Lovely guitar playing!!!
    This is a superb recording, and I dig it a lot!!!
    Very nice runs, you rock!!!!
    Thank you pbelgium!!!

  • Thanks for listening @Lady_App_titude @espiegel123 @ReneAsologuitar @LinearLineman (Hadn't heard Baltimore Oriole before - nice!).

    Glad you eventually got to hear this one @McD. The latest Nembrini amps (BG Extasy, Faceman & Dumble) are all very versatile and can get those sweet Fender-like sounds I like. What's your Polytone? Years ago I used to use a Polytone Mega Brute, which was stolen. At the time they were hard to get and expensive, imported only from the US, so I never replaced it. It was an amazing little box with that instant Joe Pass sound. Sadly missed.

  • I love listening to solo jazz guitar improv. This is very well done. You make it sound so easy (I know it's not). Great playing!

  • Thanks so much @Paulieworld - even after 45 years of playing it still doesn’t come easy. :/

  • Back in the early 80s there was an airport hotel in LA that booked solo guitarists in the top floor bar. They’d get one guy to play every night for a week—and no cover charge! I heard Kenny Burrell, Tal Farlow, and Barney Kessel there among others. I’d go every night. I’d take a little notebook and write down licks I heard.

    I remember the first time I heard this song, at Kenny’s solo gig. A girl (not a pro) had just sent over a drink to me. I thanked her, but I was more interested in listening to Kenny than chatting her up and getting laid. Priorities!

  • Very cool @Wrlds2ndBstGeoshredr! I never got to see any of those guys live - I think you got your priorities right.

  • Great playing. Thanks for posting👍

  • As always, thanks for listening @GeoTony.

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