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Extra Ticket

Far from a suitable tribute, but this rough track is for my best friend who died almost three years ago, the day before we were supposed to see Jimmie Vaughan play. He had won two tickets on the radio, then died the following week, the day before the show. It changed me forever.

Still don’t know what I am doing especially for percussion and mixing but was inspired by the sounds of GarageBand’s bandura and saxophone. Sparing use of Blackhole reverb. First complete piece I’ve finished besides my Gadget cover of “I’ve been working on the railroad” which was for my son.

Despite my all around lack of chops, tried to improvise like @linearlineman might recommend while working with the enthusiasm of @jwmmakerofmusic. Already less than pleased with the song but trying to learn to finish and let go/acquire the courage for using SoundCloud or something similar.Thank you to all the kind, knowledgeable forum contributors for continuing to help me find my way.


  • @myapologies, sorry you missed the concert with your dear friend. For sure he would enjoy what you did. Thanks for the shoutout about improvising. Lol, you’re one of the rare few who took it to heart.

    For sure you’ve been working on your railroad. The track gets better as it goes along and has a nice mesmerizing effect to it. I suggest beginning the track at 1:47 and either leaving as it is (IMO, it becomes more consistent), or if you want to try keeping that section, pasting it in at 3:20 (this might or might not work).

    Congratulations on the progress and the courage to let go. SoundCloud is a must as I had to download this to my email. I hope others will give this a listen and comment. Especially @McD, who knows everything. Keep it up. I look forward to hearing more improvs.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    I hope others will give this a listen and comment. Especially @McD, who knows everything.

    MR KNOW-IT-ALL LOGGING IN: I like your build up and sense of drama here. I like to improvise in a very similar vein so I hear a kindred spirit that slowly ramps up the tension.

  • Congratulations on this project.
    For a beginner, I really like what you have done.
    The change of pace in the middle is lovely.
    The melodies are very nice, and the build up in volume is also cool.
    I am enjoying this recording.
    Well done!

  • edited June 20

    @LinearLineman, thank you so much for the encouragement and good advice. I truly appreciate your work and insight. Will find a better way to post tunes.

    @McD, thank you! That is a tremendous compliment. I am blown away by what you do with Mozaic and confess I have yet to listen to any of your compositions but will do so although I am afraid I will end up coveting Staffpad and whatever other tools you use.

    @ReneAsologuitar, thank you for listening to my attempt. You are one of the real musicians/artists I am trying to emulate in my own clumsy way so the positive feedback means a lot to me. I enjoyed listening to your cover of Entangled by Genesis and will keep an eye/ear out for your future posts.

  • Thanks my apologies!
    Keep up the great work!

  • I enjoyed that a lot; the structure keeps the listener interested all the way through. I was a bit distracted by the reverb at first, but it gives a nice "enveloping" effect.

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