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I Will Say Goodbye - iPad version of a Bill Evans classic - NanoStudio 2, SWAM solo strings, Neon …

Details of all iOS apps used in the YouTube description.

Used NS2 because it handled time signature changes and I liked Obsidian and the Slate drum sounds. Ended up building MIDI-heavy breath controller and audio sections outside of NS2 and clip launching. Would I use it again? Maybe but I think a non-DAW approach could be more fun for the next one.


  • Very cool video.
    The keys are very enjoyable.
    I am not keyboard player, but your video is so interesting.
    Makes me wanna learn.
    And the melody is very nice, indeed.

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    Every aspect excellent. The Creations here are evolving to a higher level. It must be because iOS is more accepted and developed, no? It’s attracting more of a non nerd practitioner?

  • Thank you for sharing your work in sound and video. I love watching human hands making music… it’s my favorite form of music videos. I’d love to see @LinearLineman’s hands someday to see his technique… I’m sure it’s

    As a lifelong keyboard hacker and guitar plucker it’s helpful to see your hands along with the final mixed audio product. Details of fingering and picking techniques were all exposed for analysis and the music nerd in me loves getting that level of detail.

    I also realize that technical sophistication with cameras and video editing are also involved. I don’t expect @linearlineman to jump into that level of commitment anytime soon. The progress he has made with his DAW has been hard won for a non-technical musician jumping into IOS music production.

    So, thanks for taking this approach and making a video that is a tribute to one of the great musicians of the jazz world.

  • Very nice, really enjoyed the synth lead from 1:50 and the complete change in atmosphere at about 3:35… another video featuring real people playing real instruments… just what is the world coming to?

  • Those voicings are magic.

  • This feedback is so motivating and I thank you each for taking the time to listen and comment

    @ReneAsologuitar - yes, it’s a great melody. As a singer, you might like to check out some of the many vocal versions also under the French title ‘Je Vivrai Sans Toi’.

    @LinearLineman, Michael - who here doesn’t know of your jazz credentials and prolific output so I am overjoyed at your reaction to my efforts.

    In regard to iOS’ acceptance, it’s certainly getting there. When I started this project it was going to be a vehicle for a ‘how to’ about some of the ‘opportunities for workarounds’ with NS2 (IAA, audio tracks, MIDI controller handling) so I think that does give me full nerd status. Early video drafts with Mozaic scripts and automation curves just seemed very confused and took focus away from the celebration of the song and Bill’s genius so it got parked. In the intervening period the scope of iOS tools expanded with AudioLayer automatic sampling, Neon audio clip launching, MIDI Tape Recorder and VS and so achieving my creative aims became much more straightforward (relatively).

    @McD - really appreciate your comments on the hands. The original idea was to keep me ‘honest’ so everything I posted was played in real time (even if it took 24 takes). Over time this ethos has slipped a bit as I find one of the curses of iPad music making is you can do so much from the armchair that my instrument practice time gets squeezed out. The video does expose my technique (I’m self-taught) but it gave me the push to work on my keyboard fingering (although I think I could do to review my guitar thumb placement some).

    I make videos because I enjoy the process but of course it takes absolutely forever. There are some more ‘hands playing’ videos on my VainBells (Bill Evans anagram) YT channel

    GeoTony - glad you appreciated the development. I do think that a beginning, middle and end are fundamental to a song and I like to keep interest going forward through evolving arrangement / orchestration.

    Whatever next? Well, how about an old man (me) singing into an miRack vocoder while trying to look cool? Lots of quintuplets too.

    Wrlds2ndBstGeoshredr - yes, Bill’s voicings. Absolutely. Stolen with pride.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    Every aspect excellent. The Creations here are evolving to a higher level. It must be because iOS is more accepted and developed, no? It’s attracting more of a non nerd practitioner?

    100% agreed. Very well done!

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    BTW @AndyHoneybone, where did you build your MIDI heavy breath controller sections in?
    MIDI Tape Recorder?

    Didn't the automation in NS2 work?

  • You’re giving old men a good name, Andy. Your four beats to five is masterful. How bout eight beats to nine now? Or five to four? Don’t stop now!

  • Can’t believe I missed out on this one when it was posted. Really a joy to watch and listen.

  • @GeoTony and @Wrlds2ndBstGeoshredr - sorry I mis-tagged you in my above reply.

  • @rs2000 said:
    BTW @AndyHoneybone, where did you build your MIDI heavy breath controller sections in?
    MIDI Tape Recorder?

    Didn't the automation in NS2 work?

    @rs2000, I used MIDI Tape Recorder to record the opening SWAM string quartet. It was quite a late addition and originally I had intended to use the pen2bow controller which would have resulted in 16 continuous controller streams which I thought might push the available resources. I struggled with the coordination needed for pen2bow so wrote a Mozaic script to allow me to use the bidirectional expression curve with a wind controller. I had a rig in AUM with MTR, Mozaic, all the SWAMs, guide track and DigiStix click and it proved a good workflow to end up with an audio clip to launch in NS2. Just tried a quick test and 4 SWAM solo strings with 8 breath controller streams in NS2 was about 37% cpu on my 2020 iPad Pro. The whole song peaked at 70% cpu so I think it would have been tight to try and keep the SWAMs live.

    Thanks too for your comments.

  • The production level here is almost too good! plus multi-instrumentalist! I liked how you did the outro and animation.

  • @AndyHoneybone , no problem with mis-tagging… just had a look at your YT channel… liked the Walton pieces... great composer and from where I live 😊 + is there ANYTHING you can’t play?

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