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Sunrizer updated

Lots of new features and new sound banks.



  • I updated today and the new banks and effects are lush..brilliant synth..

  • Agreed one of my faveroute synths !!

  • This is a superb update. I'm loving the ease of use of the sequencer (one of these days I'll actually learn how to program that damn weird arpeggiator!), and some of the new presets sound amazing.

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    Devs take note (though I'm sure you already have:) praise like this is the best advertising there is.

    When people gush about an update, I can't get to the app store to buy your product fast enough (though I need to wait until payday this week.)

  • what a nice update!Not only a few developers would sell this as a new synth :) Love this synth.Guess its my favorite one,such a versatile beast and sounds superb in al his facets.A real workhorse.

  • Haven't tried the sequencer yet but agree the arp programmer is a tad difficult to understand. I just fiddle with it until I get something that sounds cool.

  • @AkaMarko Same here...also load one of their arp presets, play it, change one or two things, play it again and so on. That helped me out some

  • Great sounding synth and a great update too. Although I may be missing something, there is reference to a new phrase sequencer - where is that?

  • It's OK - I found it now. Pretty cool too!

  • Hope the xs version gets the same update! :-)

  • Is anyone having problems with some of the new presets not playing. Not all of them, just some

  • No, went through the lot, they all worked for me. Have you tried redownloading them from the web library?

  • This is an awesome guide to Sunrizer's Arp....It is very clear with diagrams split into 5 pages.

    Layout has changed a little, but it is all relevant. Check it out. :)

    BTW, anybody get the random function working?

  • Awesome link! Thanks for that

  • This is an awesome guide to Sunrizer's Arp....It is very clear with diagrams split into 5 pages.

    Layout has changed a little, but it is all relevant. Check it out. :)
    BTW, anybody get the random function working?

    Thanks for this very helpful post.

  • @PaulB, I'll try that when I go home. Thanks

  • BTW, anybody get the random function working?

    Works for me. Just open a patch with an arp in it and listen to how it sounds normaly, then turn on Random and it (the arp pattern) will change over time.

  • no worries...hope it helps. It did for me.

    That post is by Chip Boaz. You can follow him on twitter.

    He also produces a great bi monthly podcast all about ios music with interviews and's available free on itunes.

    Thanks Marko, I was kinda expecting it to visually show the random pattern's steps and be available for tweaking....but yep, it does go random. :)

  • IS a fantastic feature rich Sunrizer update...wanted to add that! :)

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    Has anyone managed to assign pitch bend to their controller via midi. I've tried but failed. Is there a standard CC # for Pitch bend?

    Edit: talking about Sunrizer of course.

  • Sunrizer had midi learn for pitch bend. I had it working using cc5 over virtual midi.

  • I was completely faked out by the title and had to look at the dates...

  • I have a request for the AB forum webmaster.

    It would be nice to see on the main page the date when a thread was started. People keep bumping old threads and it's confusing. I was really looking forward to a Sunrizer update a minute ago!

  • Yes please, that gets me constantly here.

  • Yes, please. Unread count usually reveals the truth for me but start and latest dates would be handy.

    On the iPhone, it shows the avatar of each thread starter in the main list. This is more of a vanilla/personal preference thing but I think it would make more sense to show the avatar of the most recent poster. Also, would be nice if the wide screen skins supported avatars in the list—keeps it personal in a way.

  • I think it would be even better if people stopped bumping threads in this manner. There is nothing wrong with resurrecting threads if you are genuinely continuing a discussion or adding new info to the original point of the thread, but often people use threads that are merely about the same app even if they are bringing up a completely different point about it. Dates are OK, but it won't clarify content.

  • Pitch bend is its own message. I'm surprised Sunrizer a) does not use it and b) did respond to a CC. I'll have to check that out. After dinner.

  • I was surprised too. There was no graphic indication on the wheel, but I definitely heard it.

  • Damn... I was checking updates before clicking the thread. App junkie...

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