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"Bocetos y Paisajes" (Scketches & Landscapes)

I`m presenting my lastest album, "Bocetos y Paisajes", the Spanish words for "Sketches and Landscapes".
this time is not a studio album, its a collection of improvisations and soundscapes I made in different places, from planes to wooden cabins to the lake shore, all recorded in the lovely ipad, a truly professional portable infinite sound tool!
The ipad is the brain for my live set since years ago, but It grew fast as a compositional tool too.

This album is special for me, 34 tracks that bring the abstract art from my father paintings in the form of my own sound/music art, I feel the strong connection with him even I lost him 30 years ago.

Some tech! I´ve used tons of apps and AUv3 plugins in my old 2018 Ipad Pro 10.5" inside the excellent AUM (thanks for that Mr. Liljedhal! ), some for processing external synths (mainly Buchla Easel and 200 modular, EMS Synthi AKS, Dreadbox synths and Minilogue XD) with FX from Eventide, toneboosters, imaginando (that lovely K7 delay!), Audiodamage, FAC (envolver is great for integrating external gear with that envelope followers), miRack (amazing all the modular potential ITB), Bram Bos (mozaic is a dream even if I´m not a programmerand just can use presets!) K-devices, humbletune (pure art!), Sugar bytes, Bleass, DeltaVaudio spacecraft (granular dream!), Apesoft, Caelum audio and more.

For interfacing with external gear I used either an iConnect audio 4+, a Zoom H5 or a RME UCX.

Apart from the hardware, You can hear sounds comming from Zeeon (one of my fave synths in software), Tal Uno-LX, OBXD (there is something special about OBXD, that raw sound!), Borderlands granular and Virsyn audiolayer (my "kontakt" for iOS).

For the pianos I recorded my own upright (1914 Gaveau), and a mini upright piano from a friend. But also some iOS ones: Ravenscroft, and some pianos sampled in Audiolayer.

Hope you like the album!
If you have some specific question about the techniques or something in a particular song just ask! glad to discuss and share.

Bocetos y Paisajes by Josué Arias

I`m very grateful to this community that helped me understanding the iOS ecosystem over the years, here are some codes for free download the album, let me know if anyone needs more!:



  • Hi @Synthi, yesterday I listened to your new record and I liked it a lot.
    Thank you for making it available for free, I used one of your codes.

    Can you tell us more about the Buchla Easel and the Synthi AKS?
    How did those rare instruments end up in your studio, in Patagonia?

    Again thanks for the beautiful music.

  • Thanks @Alfred ! Glad you like it!
    About the Easel and the Synthi, its just as you said, those are not "synths" but instruments on their own. I feel them like that, with its own and way of interacting and a singular aproach to generation of sound. The synthi is with me since late 90s, and was owned by Klaus Schulze (RIP). The Easel is not an original but one of the "new" early ones , a BEMI from 2015. I was looking for an Easel for years so I jumped in the waiting list in the moment they announced the reissue.
    About Patagonia.. thats a long story, I`m living here since late 2011 when I decided to change life. So I exchanged my recording studio in Madrid for a "sound temple" here in the woods of Patagonia.
    A history about iOS and the EMS... Years ago I was in close contact with Alessandro when he was developing the excellent iVCS3 (Wich I love and use at home!), helping with my experience and comparing the sounds and behaviour of the software with my Synthi. Well, the IR for the reverb in iVCS3 is not really from a VCS-3, but from my own Synthi AKS! :open_mouth: :smiley:

  • Really very gorgeous.
    Congratulations @Synthi.

  • edited June 15

    Thanks for sharing this, Josue. I listened to selections from several of your albums (I especially liked Roads from Dessintegration and many others) I was tremendously impressed by the calm evolution of your work. You are a top creator, IMO, and deserve a lot of recognition. I hope everyone here, especially those with a deep love of ambient like @jwmmakerofmusic, @Svetlovska @iOSTRAKON @barabajagal and many others will explore your albums. 9 albums in four years is a healthy output.

    Even in the most minimalist tracks I immediately felt a connection to the thoughtfulness and vision you inoculate your tracks with. This latest seems a fitting continuation in your arc of artistry. I wonder where you will be four years from now. If your music will get more complex. Also fascinated by the array of tools, fx, synths and, of course, the 1914 upright. I’m assuming you didn’t shlep it from Madrid.

    Just a shout out to some of my buds here to get their attention on this. @McD @rs2000 @Gravitas @Paulieworld @Edward_Alexander @JudasZimmerman @Stochastically @onerez @GeoTony. @MadeofWax Give this a listen, guys.

    Good luck to you, Josue. I look forward to your posting more. Would love to see some pictures of your studio and where you live. Very, very good work.

  • There’s a power and healing force in these tracks of sonic materials. I open another app to read something and the music stopped and my body cried “No… go back.”

    This is music to create a new environment and give over to the trance state the sounds produce in your mind.
    And mercifully because the internet mind is like a ghost on crack cocaine the tracks are short in general and you get fresh stimulus to experience another mind excursion. That’s the blessing of album packaging… they expose you to a more fully rounded musical experience than “top 40 ambient”… you develop a relationship with the artist.

    There’s a lot of inspiration here for organizing music and the “app list” is a shoppers checklist: those are the apps to get to make powerful environmental music… Spacecraft Granular is something to behold: give it to someone very young that seems to enjoy music and creativity. Shout out to the developer @deltaVaudio (Mark Watt): I hope you are well.

  • @LinearLineman thanks for the nod. @Synthi great stuff. I bought it. Thanks for the hard work. This is something that I like very much!!!!!

  • Thanks for pinging me @LinearLineman; I gave it a listen and enjoyed it very much.

  • @LinearLineman thanks for the heads up.

    Cool sounds @synthi I especially like the album cover artwork.

  • @LinearLineman My office PC speakers are not doing this justice. I'll listen on headphones tonight.

  • There's a lot to discover here, @Synthi . I'm still going through it all but I'll be following you now on bandcamp. I also really liked your gong suite. As you mentioned, the ipad is almost indispensable for me now as a compositional tool.
    And thanks to the indefatigable @LinearLineman for directing my attention here.

  • Thanks a lot @BirbHope, @JudasZimmerman, @Edward_Alexander Glad you like it! This album is very special for me, I`m really naked in front of you..., it took me years to remove expectations so I have now a bit more of freedom! The cover for the album is a mixture for one of my father paintings and a photo for my piano.

    @Paulieworld please leve me your comments if you can listen later!

    @LinearLineman , I have no words, Im very grateful for what you say and for what you did. More when it comes from someone like you. I enjoy listening to all your music creations, you must be one of the most prolific musicians I know! Im also in a very creative stage since some years ago, not only in music but in my daily life too.
    About the piano, in october 19 I found it in a small town called Trevelin, at the south where I live; it was a gift in the sense that it opened in me the doors to a new form of expression. I play keys since childhood, but never had an acoustic piano. Falled in love with it and a friend who is a great piano tuner show me how to tune and maintain it. Then last year, as a result of one of those magics that happen often here, a old Lady passed me her family's piano legacy, so now an 1889 F. Kaim $ Sohn grand piano lives in the studio. I restored it myself to the detail. I am really lucky to be able to have these two instruments at my disposal, bith are so different but complimentary... Dozens of new music came out from them and
    I´m now trying to find the time to record at least two piano albums.

    (to be continue....)

  • I will definitely do that!

  • Very relaxing and serene music.
    Uno is very nice.
    I love the quality of the recording.
    You are an artist, and your music is so hip!
    Thanks for this.

  • Thanks @LinearLineman for letting me know! I listened to Uno and skimmed through the other tracks, and I'll be purchasing tomorrow and have a proper listen to the whole album! I love what I heard so far. :)

  • Loving the album! And loving to see more people from different places, specially South America (por lo general no somos muchos por lo que tengo entendido).

    Felicitaciones, están increíbles los sonidos! Saludos desde el otro lado de la cordillera ;)

  • Beautifully done. I like how each of the tracks are rather short, and stand on their own merit. Just enough to make me want a little more. Sort of like musical Tapas!

  • Thanks a lot friends!
    @Paulieworld love the concept of "musical tapas"! Much more fresh than call them "scketches", also tastier :smile:

    What I did for bocetos y paisajes is collect the almost 90 "tapas" I recorded as short improvisations in a variety of scenarios, from travels, planes, visiting friends, outdoors... then I choose about 40 of them and finally mastered the 34 tracks you hear.
    Then I took the tracks home with the intention of fixing an order; I was listening to them for a few days in random order, looking at possible ways to group them, how they begin or end, How I feel hearing one after o before the other... The order of the songs was always important to me, the way the artists wants to tell a story. After a few days I realized something that seemed to go against my previous thinking: Any order in which I listened to the songs made me travel, fly and see the whole story, nothing was lost, on the contrary, in each new listen a new script appeared containing all the characters and places. I liked that it did not have a defined order. I start to fantasize about how many different orders there would be with 34 songs, how many different stories could be told. I called a friend with good math skills and she gave me the result. amazing: 29.523.300. different combinations!

    So Invite you to download the album, play it with your favorite media player using the random function and have your almost unique way to experience the whole trip

  • edited June 17

    Thanks @McD , @Stochastically @ReneAsologuitar !
    I experience myself since many years ago the power of healing in music and sound, what lucky we are having all this tools!

    Spacecraft is a worderful playground, I want to send @deltaVaudio some of that power! hope he is fine, he was recovering very well!

    The Gongs... powerful, immense, indomitable. I can only try to guide their sounds but they have their own personality, every day with them is different, they always surprise me. Every 15 days or so I usually share a bath of gongs open for people, and magic always happens, it is a great (re)connection tool. Both the Sun suite for 4 Gongs and communication
    are pure Gongs sounds. there aren't many good recordings of gongs, I did my best for capturing all the dynamic and frequency range of the instruments.

    some pictures:

    My older son some years ago

    My pre-pandemic live set (Ipad based) in a duo proyect with an great arpist and friend of mine

    ...To be continued

  • @LinearLineman thank you for tagging me.

    I haven’t been able to listen to the album in it’s entirety so far.
    Saying that I remember one of @Synthi ’s earlier posts discussing piano
    and I’ve been following his instagram ever since.
    I really like his sonic textures and I’m looking forward to listening to this.

  • All this talk of tapas has made me hungry! I wasn't able to listen to everything last night, but I will do that tonight with a nice glass of Tempranillo. In the past, I was also concerned with details such as the order in which songs were presented. In fact, I was so critical of myself that I rarely shared my music outside of a small circle of musician friends. When I got my iPad, something changed. Now I just let things happen and hope for the best. I see myself as the proverbial broken clock that is right twice a day. If you get a few moments, please give me a listen. My stuff is completely at loose ends with no particular direction or destination... but I'm having fun and my wife says I'm more mellow and easier to live with. Have a great weekend!

  • Thanks @LinearLineman for pointing this in my direction. I would have got here eventually… you know I like to let creations mature for a few weeks before listening to them…
    Beautiful album @Synthi 👌, just listened all the way through and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very cohesive sound palette (including lovely piano) which I think brings it all together. Enjoyed 5 and 24 the most but not a dud in there anywhere. Also like your track naming convention, saves having to come up with something that’s witty or a play on words 🤔 I will dip into your other creations at some stage.

  • Thanks a lot @jwmmakerofmusic , @raimundoarriagada !

    Where are you Raimundo? Chile? La cordillera de los Andes es mágica e inspiradora! Espero que en algún momento podamos cruzarla y compartir música.

    Here is a poem who my girlfriend wrote when first hearing the album. I love her sensibility, something that lately seem to be in disuse and that with joy I see very present in this forum!

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