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Folk-Noise for elderly machines in Loopy Pro

This time I didn’t use Loopy’s timeline but rather just played it live using some custom widgets to tweak FX. It came about while trying out my new Line6 FBV shortboard midi pedal. So liberating to trigger recordings with your foot!.
The star here is Rymdigare which I had never put to use given that I own way too many apps. Such a cool app. All the synth-sounding stuff here is just a simple guitar loop going through Rymdigare. Very creative and unexpected when it does it’s thing.
Nembrini shimmer is pretty good and hadn’t seen too much use since Alteza usually gets the first pick.
The usual Nembrini amps and probably most abused plugin, RE-1 tape.
I think I might make an actual song out of this and add some vocals.



  • That is very cool—you should def continue to develop this one!

  • Nice work !

  • I like this style a lot! Subscribed

  • Excellent use of loopy and a wicked video

  • @lukesleepwalker said:
    That is very cool—you should def continue to develop this one!

    Thanks! yeah I’ll try to make something of it. Lately I’m not finishing stuff. I have an album stuck in “mastering” stage for a year. Putting out something half-baked like this to share with iOS musicians alike is at least somehow meaningful. You get to talk about the actual process.

    @Gdub and @eylvy thank you for the nice comments.

    Btw I spent like 500% more time on the stupid video than on the actual tune, which I just screen recorded. 🤦🏻 I also realized I don’t really dig Lumafusion. It doesn’t have all the immediate cool vhs effects and it takes some work. CapCut is free and for these kind of things it’s a lot faster.

  • @Toastedghost said:
    Excellent use of loopy and a wicked video

    Thanks!. My partner though the robots were wicked but that the program interface (loopy) messed it up.

  • Very well done and really like the title.

  • @Ben said:
    Very well done and really like the title.

    Appreciate it Ben!.
    Talking about titles… I once shared one of these on Facebook (go figure) and the title was something like “LK launching Drambo clips in AUM”. Of course no one knew what anything meant, sometimes you forget there’s people that don’t know AUM. We’re quite cozy in this forum, aren’t we?. 🙃🤓

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