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The Sinking Of The Titanic / Beethoven and TeraSynth Pro

edited June 9 in Creations

Improvised in the style of Beethoven, as best I am able (with synths, of course).

PurePiano, 4x Terasynth Pro.


  • Very nice little bit at 3:13, and I think the futurism with the synths work very well. Kind of like the Clockwork Orange soundtrack.

  • Nice Mike, definitely got a flave of the the old Ludwig about it 👍

  • Thx @JudasZimmerman, that 3:10 mark was a head scratcher for me. It stepped pretty far away from the general pastiche (there you go @McD, tho I use it in a different context as a range of ideas within a closed system) I was hearing and was a one shot minor phrase which I had midi engineered. But I’m glad you liked it.

    Yeah @Krupa, that’s what happens when you listen to the Pathetique Sonata right beforehand!

  • I thought Beethoven was vindicated in the "Titanic Iceberg Theory”.

    @Linaerlineman Can you channel Beethoven's 3rd ("The Eroica") which was a tribute to Napoleon and make a synthonic tribute to Zelensky? Beethoven laster regretted honoring Napoleon when he declared himself an Emperor. I think you'll be safe with Zelensky.

  • You play beautifully Mr. Lineman. Tera Pro is simply amazing.
    Somewhere around 3:35 you briefly bring in that high piercing synth note. Stellar.

  • @McD, I read your mind, bro. Next track is called “Emperor”. Will post shortly. Not sure about Zelenskyy, tho. We’ll see.

    @Ben, yeah, around 3:35 is a Tera patch for those high notes. Wonderful synth. And thanks for the praise.

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