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Tempted by the dark side

edited June 2022 in Desktop

So lately I've been peaking at desktop stuff, specifically VST plugins. I've gotten Spitfire LABS and BBC Orchestra, and checking out Zenology Pro as part of Zenbeats.

And that has led to hearing about UVI Falcon, Phase Plant, TAL, and more. It's dawning on me that my focus on iOS has left me blind to the fact that the best sounding stuff is likely on Desktop. Follow the money. It's not on iOS.

That still leaves me reasons to disavow Desktop. Generally, iOS is much easier and cheaper, and the sounds are often more than good enough.

Still... .I'm tempted to at least spend a few bucks on UVI SonicPass to hear what I'm missing.

Maybe it's not all-or-nothing. Maybe I should become a grey Jedi.

Thoughts? Thx,


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    Originally (around 2010-2011) i "escaped" the world of desktop software and plugins for music making as it was "too much", and went to iOS music app scene. However, around 2017+ iOS apps became more and more complicated, advanced, "big" etc. etc., so it started becoming something like that desktop music tools world was, so i ran away again, now into hardware gear, for more minimal setup etc.

    However, after some point i took a break from doing music/sound alltogether, and now i trying to get back, and know what? I nowodays accept just everything, inteerested in anything. Desktop software, ios apps, analogue hardware, digital hardware, acoustic instruments - all good!

  • I’ve been pretty content with everything I have on the iPad after totally abandoning the desktop a couple years ago, but I’ve slowly been starting to check back in on desktop stuff lately.

    Phase Plant looks (and sounds!) amazing, and will probably be the first thing I purchase for the desktop since a long time ago.

    Also, the desktop version of Imaginando’s VS - Visual Synthesizer is like night and day as far as graphical performance if you have a decent graphics card (gaming card - I have a GTX 1070ti)! I can run everything at the highest settings, with all 8 channels of materials nice and smooth.

    (I have a dev copy of VS for the desktop courtesy of the fine folks at Imaginando)

    So yeah, the “dark side” does have plenty of temptations, but I will say that as far as being productive, and inspired to create actual music, I’ve never had more of either, than I do with the iPad.

  • The first preset I checked out -- something like "Chord poly" -- was jaw-dropping on Phase Plant. Not saying I'm going to keep, but it was very impressive. Andrew Huang says it is the GOAT plug-in synth.

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    I would really like there to be something like a Surface Pro in the Apple world. So I can comfortably plop that device on a stand or table with my other gear, and use it in a simplified, tablet mode. I've heard rumors we're heading that way in the foreseeable future.

  • Set a budget!

  • @gusgranite said:
    Set a budget!

    Yep. More relevant words were never spoken!

  • BTW, when I think of how "more than good enough" iOS is, my brain synapses fire on:

    • Animoog
    • Moog apps in general
    • Beathawk
    • AUM
    • Zenbeats (yes, Zenbeats)
    • Drumjam
  • @joegrant413 said:
    Thoughts? Thx,

    For me it's mostly about usability and that is a personal thing. I will never move to an iPad for complex creation because I personally find it to small and difficult to use. There may be a quality difference but I am certain a skilled engineer (or less than) could get a better iPad result than my desktop one. Again, whatever you find easiest to work with. As an example it takes a 10th of the time on desktop for me to program a bass track.

  • Tempted ? never been... except for the Valhalla and Relab plugins...
    (and SAW Studio‘s Levelizer and it‘s Anwida L1V VST equivalent)
    Everything else runs on Sharc or Motorola DSPs here since y2k o:)
    But IOS Moog, DRC, PPGs, SamplR, Shockwave and Synclavier have their slots safe. B)

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