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A dedication to my late wife who did me the great honor of marrying me 38 years ago today.


  • McDMcD
    edited June 3

    Stunning work... visually and sonically.

    Can you disclose the apps used in the work? (EDITED DUE TO CLUELESSNESS)

  • Beautiful work. I hope the process brought you some peace as well.

  • Thanks @McD and @Ben.

    The pad was a thing I made on my Digitakt. The keys are from AU Waverley. Lots of Velvet Machine. Ooda provided the sequencing. Visuals by VS.

  • This one is both beautiful and heartfelt, @rottencat.

    I'm truly impressed with how well the visuals reflect key aspects of the music.

    The downward moving stars visually match the melancholy aspect. Musically, those are the lower, more constant tones. The higher, more intermittent tones are visually matched by the upward moving rectangles that appear in and out of view. They suggest the wavering resolution (and even intermittent peace of mind) that can grow out of a deep sadness.

    It all fits together amazing well, especially given the context for the piece.

    Thanks for keeping your wife's memory alive through music.

  • Lovely piece.

  • So odd when you see an avatar “rotten cat” you never imagine a man who was married to the same person for over thirty years. You think more Sid Vicious, no?

    it’s a lovely soundscape and a tender tribute to what must have been a deep relationship. These days we all are embracing the melancholy if we’re feeling beings. We all have reasons, most personal, but some shared collectively. Thank you for sharing your anniversary.

  • Thank you for your kind words @DavidEnglish @JudasZimmerman and @LinearLineman.

    @LinearLineman my avatar has little or nothing to do with the Pistols. I have this cat. She’s the best cat ever while, at the same time, unfathomably rotten.🙂

  • That's really nice; you almost want it to be twice as long. Thanks for posting that.

  • @rottencat : Beautiful/Sad. Thank you.

  • Thank you for sharing.


  • @ExAsperis99 @Svetlovska @Gravitas I thank you all very much.

  • You honor her beautifully with your art. With depth and the grace. Thank you.

  • And I thank you @aufde.

  • An emotionally moving piece. I agree with @aufde , you honor her beautifully.

  • This is beautiful and harrowing. Great work!

  • This is a lovely and moving musical story. I am so sorry for your loss. I will pray for both of you.

  • I agree with everyone's comments here. I feel it.

  • A lovely tribute

  • Very moving. Stochastically wrote my comment for me.

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