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VHS Synth #02 "A Trip to the Lunar Volcano"

edited June 1 in Creations

Second track with VHS Synth (10 different sounds) + drums, bass, moog and guitar (with MixBox) from Garageband. This time unfortunately I got far away from the vibe I wanted to achieve - maybe next time in #03 ;)

Videoclip: (final version)


  • Fuck yeah!! L-o-v-e It.. Can’t wait to see the vid.. this belongs in a film for sure..
    VHS Synth Rocks! All these sounds blend so well together.. great bass, drums + Moog from GarageBand too.. Excellent mix.. I’m on my 3rd listen as I type this.. and it’ll be a few more after that.. 😁
    You’re on a roll man.. #1 was outstanding as well.. go for an EP or full album.. don’t stop.. 👍
    BTW.. This vibe was great..

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    Good work, great drums, v. 80s movie soundtrack vibe to it. Dusk. Helicopter shot of the hero, driving a Porsche 911 over a series of sea bridges on the keys, out of Miami toward Key West. He is to meet there with the mysterious woman who seems to know why his partner was murdered. It could be a trap. But he is going anyway…

  • @royor: Thanks so much for such an energetic comment B) I will try not to disappoint you and finally bring something to the end :) I share your admiration for VHS Synth. I also enjoy playing sounds from this library. In this track I used these sounds: neon clouds, sector 39, sector 11, nice organ, mute bass, unknown, living room organ, tubechime, final note, fm zapped. I have an idea for a video, but worse with skills and patience. It may take some time, but for sure will be published :) Warmly greetings.

    @Svetlovska: Thanks for sharing. GarageBand has really great drums. You have a good imagination :) This time I would like to change direction a little and mount an expedition from earth to the moon, rocket launch, passage over the moon, etc. Please keep your fingers crossed and see you on YT soon :) Ps. I have one friend from hometown who went 9000 km to work on Key West, but instead of Prosche 911 he have a Volkswagen Beetle. Can a man with such a car become a hero too? B) Grettings.

  • edited May 31

    We can all be heroes. Just for one day…

  • Excellent track!

  • edited June 1

    @JudasZimmerman: Thanks man, it's nice you like it :) I would like to inform the final version of videoclip is ready from now. All visuals are from "Wizibel" app, video clips are from different videos on YT. Created in Lumafusion app. Have a nice watching :)

  • Wohoooow!! This was amazing 🥳❤️
    Great track, @dakti
    I enjoyed listening from start to finish. Great vid too!
    Vhs is insane, you managed to squeeze the best sounds into a wonderfull band playing blend.

  • Hey @Bob my man. I see not only I not sleeping at this late time :) Thanks for the comment, I appreciate your opinion. About video I have enough of clicking in Lumafusion and other app for now, it is so time consuming when the tool is not yet discovered. Youtubers don't have an easy life too for sure :) How about you? Have you already tried to work in Luma? I purchased Wizibel today, I needed some visuals, the first impression was not the best, but after one day I think it's very useful app. You right, VHS is great and have huge range of sounds. Next time I will try to use sounds from the VHS library only. Pure 100% juice ;) All the best and have a good night :)

  • edited June 2

    Excellent track and production. Especially at 3:35. One thing tho, I don’t think there are any volcanos on the moon…. No molten core.

  • Nice work! Sounds great!

  • Hey @LinearLineman and @Edward_Alexander: I am very happy you like it :) Oh crap, the idea for the title was out of nowhere, I didn't think about it, my fantasy took me over o:) In this case only left to say... it is science fiction B) I send a warmly greetings :)

  • Superb track! Definitely got that 80s vibe and there is everything to love about that vibe.

  • Very enjoyable track, really keeps your interest all the way through… nice synth playing in the second half. Good video as well!

  • Wow this is absolutely fantastic. Great work!

  • edited June 11

    Hey @spyrogaia, @GeoTony and @HotStrange. Thank you very much for the kind words :) Regarding the moog solo in the second half I was inspired by the great Polish keyboardist Mr. Józef Skrzek from the SBB - Silesian Blues Band. Here are some youtube links to his improvisation in the church on organ + minimoog. I recommend to watch / listen :)

    Also a fragments of the awesome concert from 1979:

  • @dakti thanks! I will check these out and report back when I have some time. :smile:

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