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Pent Up Feelings

„ It's like I've been stuffed full of twigs and all I have to do is bend and my body will break. All the guilt, the anger, the frustration, the pent-up aggression inside of me has found an outlet and now it can't be controlled.”

Enjoy listening :)


  • Nice track
    Not what I was expecting given the description

    But well made and performed

  • Very well made and a good track - what instruments/process are you using?

  • Damn good man! It carries itself very well...and put me in a curious mood. The structure and the arrangement works so well. I enjoyed this very much!

    As @JudasZimmerman said, very keen to know your process.

  • Went through your SC and I was hooked! Followed instantly. :smile:

  • edited June 2

    @spyrogaia @JudasZimmerman @audiblevideo hi guys, thanks for listening and kind words! In brief, It started with a piano motif, which I created a few months ago using my piano rig in AUM. It is a process I’ve decribed once on the forum, and it’s quite complex I quess… However, the key part, or an engine, is a cool mosaic script called „chordulator”. For me, every song has its workflow but in this case I continued building up the song starting from the piano motif then adding organs (House Mark I), SWAM trumpet, bass (BeatHawk mixed with Ifretless into Atom Piano Roll). Finally, just a few plugins such as REAMP, Knorr, Flux pro. Exported stems were imported into Auria pro.
    @spyrogaia thank you for following me:)

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    At the beginning I was charmed by the line of bass and its slide, then by the chords, but since the trumpet solo I started listen the whole instead of individual parts and I flew away. Very expressive piece, Revelation! :)

    Ps. Years ago I used to listen a piece with simmilar mood to yours and with the trumpet too. I think you would like it. I don't remember now the artist, but If I find it I will add the info here.

  • @dakti I’m glad you enjoy it!:) Thank you for listening and if you find the piece, let me know.

  • Nicely constructed laid back track. Enjoyed the bass a lot. Hope you feel better for creating and posting this 😊

  • @GeoTony
    Thank you for listening! Most people, when they think of emotions riddled with wrath and rage, refer to metal or rock music, but I, however, don't. What I wanted to do was to enfuse this laid-back track with emotions - hence the dramatic trumpet (pent-up feelings) and the contrast it created against background instruments.
    Anyway, I am keen on bass slides, but haven’t been able to deliver some super realistic ones. The bass line in the track was created with ifretless, but there is something off about long slides there. SWAM electric bass would be awesome, wouldn’t it?

    @GeoTony said:
    ….Hope you feel better for creating and posting this 😊

    I am fine, thank you :)

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