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Crystal Synth / Spider’s Hoshi

Hoshi sound design by @Spidericemidas for LaPlace. It’s a unique sound. Not a vibraphone, not a marimba. Somewhere in between… maybe not. As usual with Spider, complex through its range and solid. Plus HouseMark1, 2x TeraSynthPro, AddStation.


  • Wow this is excellent! At first I thought you were referring to the plugin Crystal Synth (which I love). Very 80s inspired.

  • Lol @HotStrange, I was thinking of crystal meth. I figured there must be a Crystal Synth, tho.

  • I like the contrast between the soft attack of the electric piano and the Hoshi sound. A lovely melody with lots of added interest wrapped around it. Well done 👍.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    Lol @HotStrange, I was thinking of crystal meth. I figured there must be a Crystal Synth, tho.

    Haha totally opposite ends of the spectrum 😆 it’s on iOS also, you should check it out. Almost modular in nature and I think only $5. IAA only though. The actual plugin is sort of a classic.

  • Apart from Pads, percussive pluck and EP sounds are also my favourite, so I really like this piece. The EP makes it warm and round, and the plucks add a nice crystalline sparkle. Great work!

  • Thanks @Spidericemidas. I actually doubled the Hoshi patch and it got even punchier. Great sound. I’m slowly assembling a LaPlace album based on your sound designs. Anything new you’re working on?

  • Hoshi is Japanese for Star, also a Buddhist Priest or Monk, I believe 😊
    I’ve used some of the Laplace presets in an ambient project I’m currently building in Cubasis.
    I’ve got a lot of presets underway for Kauldron. Currently naming, refining and weeding out.
    I had a dabble in Tera Pro and my mind exploded at the possibilities! That synth is crazy! So Tera Pro will probably follow after Kauldron.

  • @Spidericemidas looking forward to those Kauldron presets!

  • Very nice sounds and a beautiful, peaceful song!

  • Glad you found it so @JudasZimmerman. Thanks for listening.

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