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Incontinent with expectation of Drone Day, a little Skiid action: The Nimrud Lens

edited May 27 in Creations

The discussion in @jwmmakerofmusic ’s Drone Day thread initiated by @sevenape re Skiid’s drone mode, which I had forgotten about, prompted me to a third track in as many days:

Everything here is driven live by a random Skiid drone, with A2M hanging off it to drive the aPolyvoks bloops, (run through Rozeta Scaler to keep it honest) and Slow Machine tweaked by MIDILfO working it’s magic on both. It’s a complete auto-arrangement. All I had to do was set up AudioShare to capture the effect trail, hit record, and go. (Now that I know how to do this, thank you) Very simple little thing, really. Will try to do a video to accompany this over the next couple of days as part of my drive into YouTube…

The Nimrud lens is a real thing incidentally, on display in the British Museum, and currently, at c. 800 BCE, the oldest known human optical device. (Well, I am assuming human… ;) )

Excavations at Nimrud, begun in 1850 by a colonial plunderer guy called Layard, eventually also really yielded seven corpses dressed as fish-men, and a black obelisk (!) [source: Dictionary of Deities & Demons in the Bible, Brill Academic Publishers, 1999 - essential reading for all Dark Ambientists.] I feel the spirit of old H.P. moving strongly upon these facts… :)

“ The King then rises, takes the sacred glass,
And holds it in the sun before the mass
Of waiting fuel on the altar piled.
The centring rays—the fuel glowing gild
With a round spot of fire and quickly. spring
Above the altar curling, while they sing!”

  • The Epic of Ishtar and Izdubar, 10th stanza, Column IV, Coronation of Izdubar

My writing group has a theme of ‘dreams’ for their next meet, so I might go all multi media and write a nasty little something regarding the lens, and run it as subtitles over the vid. Just an experiment.

Footnote: Nimrud of course was bulldozed by Isis in March 2015 for being ‘un-Islamic’, thus destroying a jewel of Assyrian culture. Let me take fictional horrors over those we inflict in the real world any day…


  • Lovely stuff, accidental melodies 😬 love it!

    Interesting story about the nimrud lens, I’ll have a dig into that…

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