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An ambient piece

I recorded a few simple phrases using my favorite iOS piano (Big Softy S in MU Waverley) and let the recorder run a while before I pressed stop, I put those recordings in file players in AUM. It’s the Music for Airports idea. Then I bussed the whole thing into Velvet Machine with everything on max for the pad sound. I added a couple vocal samples and it came out like this:


  • this is absolutely beautiful.

  • Very nice, slow overlapping notes that become chords working together in this mellow space.

  • Goooooood stuff!

  • Nice!

  • This is wonderful, @rottencat!

    I especially like the subtle interplay between the sweeping voices and perfectly restrained piano.

    It all hangs together effortlessly in the air, like a slow-moving cloud.

  • Thanks guys! @DavidEnglish, it was especially gratifying to read your comments. Most of my wrangling with this piece was with trying to strike the proper balance between the voices and the piano. When I got that right the rest was easy.

  • Gorgeous beautiful sonic masterpiece! It made me feel very emotional yet calm. My only critique...I wish it lasted 40 minutes instead of 4, if not even longer. I could live inside of this calm, wistful vibe for the rest of my life and not regret a single moment.

  • Wow, @jwmmakerofmusic, thanks so much!

  • This is very nice. Music for introspection, I should say. Also, maybe for some sort of a mind-journey. :smile:

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  • I've been thinking about how I might use a piano within an ambient drone kind of idea. This really inspired me.

    @spyrogaia said:
    This is very nice. Music for introspection, I should say. Also, maybe for some sort of a mind-journey. :smile:

    I agree with you. This can work well for reading too.

  • Thanks @ReflectiveHaze and @Stochastically.

    Ever since I heard Taking Tiger Mountain (1975?) I’ve been trying to sound “Eno-esque.” Nice to know I come close once in a while.🙂

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