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Darkness into Light

A semi improvised piece inspired by a recent unplanned visit to hospital… all good now!
I play BeatHawk Guitar and GeoTenorSax via GeoShred.
Piano Motifs (thanks again to @azul3D_Apps ) plays BeatHawk Bass, Roli Noise Percussion and Roli ‘drone’


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    Dude... this is killer! I could loop this all night. I'm hearing Jaco and Pat Metheny... and Toots Thielmans on the Hohner Chromatica... waiting for Joni Mitchell to walk on. Really good! It's killer!

  • really expressive! nice transition. I wouldn't have guessed Piano Motifs was involved.

  • Good to see NOISE get used. Def an ER vibe that gets positive news. Nice undrenched sax? Well done and good to hear you posting. 👍👍

  • Thanks @Paulieworld , Jaco is conjured up by BeatHawk Fretless Vibrato from the Total Bass sound pack. Talking of Pat Metheny, I loved your My Head Spins track!. The strumming pattern really did bring him to mind. Imaginary Day and One Quiet Night are my two favourite PM albums.
    Thanks @Stochastically , I thought I would try and get Piano Motifs to play the bass and the rest just sort of dropped into place. I find it a great app for generating ideas.
    Your analysis is spot on @LinearLineman although the ER reference threw me for a while as it is A&E in the UK. Luckily my music making skills are unimpaired although I was told I wouldn’t be able to play the piano again which came as a surprise as I couldn’t play it before 😊 GeoSax is just going through my default TB Reverb Env - Cathedral preset.

  • @GeoTony , great to see you back creating some cool music! I like how the transition from darkness into light progresses in the piece.

  • This really set the mood for some relaxation for me tonight. There were moments of restraint and of liberation alongside some dark drones in the background that steal my attention from time to time. Wonderful stuff. Thank you for sharing. :smile:

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    Lovely interplay between sax, bass, guitar and drums. Sounds like a spontaneous quartet jam.

  • What a terrific piece of music, @GeoTony!

    It's quite the journey from the dark growling bass at the beginning to the uplifting free-form sax at the end. And it stays adventurous throughout.

    You cover so much musical (and emotional) ground here in just four minutes. Thanks for sharing.

  • I swam away. It stimulates the imagination. I saw various scenes in my head while listening - it fits perfectly to the movie. Dark at the beginning, with time more optimistic - great evolve of the theme. Excellent composition.

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