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Copy and Paste Patterns in EG Pulse

I want to copy a pattern in EG Pulse and paste it, or use it as the basis for another pattern.
The app doesn't support CMD+C and CMD+V. There's no menus.

AArrrgggh - does anyone know how to copy a pattern and paste it into another pattern?



  • In “Grid” view, while on the pattern you want to copy, hold down “copy” (on the left) and select the number pattern at the bottom you want it copied to.

  • Thank You @Pandan

  • @Pandan

    Well... I tried this and it didn't work. I soOOOoo wish developers would NOT try reinvent the wheel. CMD+C and CMD+V has been around since DAY 1. If you have a copy button, then also have a paste button. These developers overload buttons and items, and you need a PhD to make things work. If it takes 4 hours to learn how to copy and paste a pattern on a drum machine, the developer FAILED.

    After I select copy - another pattern starts blinking red, and yet another pattern is blinking blue.

    Is there some other 'trick' to paste the pattern after you copy it?

  • @Pandan I found the help file and figured it out. I so wish developers would be consistent.
    1) Go to pad view
    2) Make sure the pattern you want to copy is the current active pattern
    3) Press the Copy button on the left side of the screen - the title bar with the beat division and swing amount will say 'Pattern 'x' Copied'
    4) Press the 'to' Pattern you want to

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