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Open Window / #50 At Last!

edited May 9 in Creations

Ironically, my three essays on improvising have been somehow resuscitated. Conveniently, I just completed my 50th iOS album. I chose 50 two years ago because Zappa released 50 records during his all too brief life. Of course, another 50+ have been released posthumously! Do I have to die to catch up?

Certainly having put so many decades into improvising took the content problem away. And I can’t recommend more strongly, to every creator out there in ABF land, how valuable the skill is for regular independent production of tracks. We all do it to one degree or another. The famous “just messin’ around” technique is improvising without a system, natch. Finding a system that works for you is the key, and the YouTube algorithms will guide you. If you want to learn what I was taught by a genius improviser, read my three essays, from 2018, posted on the “Essence Of Creativity” thread.

But improvising only took me so far in the half century I improvised before discovering iOS. Total output for five decades: 5 Jazz cds on the NewArtists Records label. Now, in 4 yrs, I have made 10x that number. Why? Because it’s more fun on an iPad! The apps and their algorithms do the heavy lifting for you. You don’t need a band/ orchestra. And we can all afford it, more or less.

Tinkering with sound with the best chemistry set ever on a piece of glass is fantastic for sure. But if you’re interested in creative output and you feel thwarted there must be numerous ways around it,. For me, it is improvisation all the way. Feel free to pm me if you want some more info or encouragement. I hope the 49 albums plus the latest are testimony to a system that works for me, and, I strongly believe, will work for almost anyone to some degree.

Here’s the 50th, Open Door. A collection of tracks inspired by Philip Glass and the minimalists. Of course, I’m too twitchy to keep it minimal…. So romantic minimalism is what I’m calling it… which usually isn’t minimal at all.

Thanks for the umpteenth time, to the many here who have listened and supported me over the years. Your ears and hearts are so very much appreciated! And many thanks to @rs2000 for the many album designs he so graciously created until I was ready to give them a go myself. Muchas gracias, amigos. It’s been pure horrorshow, my good droogs!


  • Congratulations on 50 albums! Thank you for sharing so much and for making the Audiobus forum such a warm, welcoming place.

  • My dear. Many fellas would give an arm and a leg for having more ideas than they're able to capture.

    Don't stop! <3

  • Congratulations on this impressive milestone. I like your sense of graphic design too.

  • Thx @MadeofWax i hope I give as much as I get from the great people here. Yes @rs2000 i’m fortunate and on my way to the next goal…. 750 tracks, 75 albums. It keeps things interesting!

    And thank you @McD, picking images for the tracks and designing the covers is a big part of the fun.

  • Congratulations @LinearLineman on reaching #50.
    Favourites are Everest, Escalation… (nice to hear the Duduk again) and Spindrift (bit of a Japanese vibe?) All of course are excellent!
    Your combination of musicality / creativity and sheer work rate is inspiring 👍
    Bugger… while I’ve been writing this you’ve done another two albums… oh well 😊

  • Thanks for listening @GeoTony . Coincidentally, I was listening to Everest the other day and also thought it was very good.

    Lol, yes, two more albums. But I am slowing down, I think. Plenty of time to catch up. It means a lot to me that you’re taking these in. Much appreciated.

  • edited June 2

    I join to congratulations :) 10 albums are impressive, 25 are crazy, and 50? I have no words to describe it :o It's amazing how productive you are while holding a high level of creativity and quality of your works at the same time. You are the man B) I keep my fingers crossed for you to achieve your next goal. All the best.

    Ps. I think this news definitely deserves to organize a party :)

  • !Congrats and please go on making those wonderful recordings!

  • Appy polly loggies for taking so long to comment. I must have missed this first time around. Definitely a good reason to celebrate. Treat yourself to steaky wake!

  • Thanks to you all @dakti @Frenq @Paulieworld. I appreciate your support very much. Next goal is 750 tracks. Currently at 640.

  • Nearly missed this. Congrats @LinearLineman what an amazing feat! As already stated it’s not just the quantity but the quality of your improvisations. I look forward to the next 50 albums.

  • Thanks so much @pbelgium. 48 albums to go. We shall see.

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