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Song Of The Month Club - May 2022



  • @LinearLineman said:
    I enjoyed that. Now for side B… Micturating

    Thanks for checking it out. I looked it up but not sure I understand the meaning well enough to define it let alone expand on it.

  • @Ailerom lol, urination.

  • That would definitely be one for us older gentlemen.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    @Ailerom lol, urination.

    The meanings I looked up were not that simple.

  • @LinearLineman said:

    @Ailerom said:
    I'll put this in here despite that fact that it is a pretty crazy song concept. But it rare I have something ready to go. Technically written last month but only finalised this month.

    I enjoyed that. Now for side B… Micturating

    @studs1966 so this is where you hang out. Totally professional, as always.

    Thanks mate.. Well sometimes i hang out here?.. Just letting the crazy gang know what I'm up to?.. Big hugs to you & the family Mike.. <3

  • @FastGhost said:

    @ecamburn said:

    @martinsa82 said:
    well I made three tracks this month, I’m happy with that output. From never finnishing a song to finnish at least one song a month. This thread has helped me a lot to motivate me to start finnish stuff. Also lots of fun listening to all of your tracks!

    My track this month is called Words



    Love the vibe of this tune. The piano was a nice surprise at around :55. Honestly wasn't super keen on the drums that come in at around 1:00 but that's a minor niggle.

    I like the drums, just the right subtlety to them. It's a beautiful track, would love to hear a bit about how you made it @martinsa82.

    thank you! very glad to hear you like it, I dont exactly know what genre I’m in, but I dont focus on that either really. Just making the music I want for the moment.
    My process is often I start something out on my ipad. Im all alone when making my music, sadly got nobody else in my life interested in music like I am.
    Process is , it can be a chord progression, it can be something random from apps like polyphase, piano motif or apps like that. I like zenbeats to start a couple of ideas and import some midi to work around. Then I move on to my computer, take all the ideas from the ipad and put them to ableton live or Bitwig (having a hard time to choose between them). I work a long time in session/clip mode to find stuff that in my head works together, and I also use some midi and arp plugins and max 4 live to make things more interesting. Then I’m going to arrange view and try to arrange it to a song, thats a hard part for me. Im not good at mixing and mastering either… drums is working with plugin superior drummer. Im sadly no musican, I just like to make music and there the computer/ipad is my friend :)

  • @studs1966 good song good sound! As usual. Keep it up!

  • @richardyot, as usual, great song, a bit darker song this month, I think its a great song, and the songwriting is very strong. Great soundscape and sound around the riffs. Just think its great, cant find anything I would change.
    @DavidEnglish nice and calming soundscape, great improvisation
    @prtr_jan great feel to it, is the guitar from samples or self played? nice and laidback
    @Ailerom good production and funny track
    @Kitusai I love the drums and groove, great work, what is your workflow when making the groove?

  • @spyrogaia said:
    My contribution to the SOTM (May 2022) is a tribute to the The Batman theme song from the movie - which I titled "The Bat". Original theme is by Michael Giacchino.

    This song utilises just the beginning section of the melody that makes up the original. I had set a challenge in April in which I was to create 2 minute song every day in less than 2 hours but of course due to work it became a song every 2 days instead. I had watched The Batman movie the night before the 14th song and the theme stayed with me until the next morning. The 14th song then became this tribute. I hope you will enjoy it.

    I absolutly get a movie soundtrack wibe from this one, nice work with all sounds, I may like the start the best before the more bombastic parts, great work

  • @martinsa82 said:
    @richardyot, as usual, great song, a bit darker song this month, I think its a great song, and the songwriting is very strong. Great soundscape and sound around the riffs. Just think its great, cant find anything I would change.

    Thanks 🙏

  • @martinsa82 said:
    @Ailerom good production and funny track

    Thanks for listening. I'm glad it sounded ok. I mostly focussed on the silliness so the quality took a bit of a back seat..

  • @richardyot beautiful melody, fragile voices and crystalline guitars, enigmatic lyrics tinged with sadness: pure richardyot ‘grand cru’

    @DavidEnglish Beautiful spatial sounds that unfold in slow majestic volutes. Beautiful and relaxing.

    @martinsa82 I love the acoustic sounds and your jazzy feel. Full of smooth bounces. Figure skating. Elegant.

    @prtr_jan On a slow rhythm knits a Spanish guitar. The melody is as successful as the atmosphere.

    @Ailerom An ode to chewing, that's original! :-)
    Excellently put in sounds and images. Special mention to the voices and guitars.

    @spyrogaia Very well done, quite dark atmosphere, allegorical that arouses images. I don't know the film and so I project my own images.

    @studs1966 Very successful 'dance floor' atmosphere.

    All in all, a 'sotm' as varied as successful.
    @richardyot: I've never seen Doc' Sticko who lives very far from my mountains. But I'm sure it's not him because it's Benji Reid, who's doing the exhibition from which the picture is taken. Album in preparation with Doc' Sticko.

  • @Kitusai said:
    @Ailerom An ode to chewing, that's original! :-)
    Excellently put in sounds and images. Special mention to the voices and guitars.

    Thank you. It's easy to lose sight of the simple pleasures.

  • @richardyot
    Really like the synth-like instrument that weaves in and out with the vocals. It’s subtle enough that it doesn’t intrude, but prominent enough that it adds to the mood and complexity of the song.

    Cool percolating electronic feel at the beginning. I also like the semi-repetitive piano about midway through. Overall, it has a really nice back and forth between its casual and more structured elements.

    Relaxing and moody at the same time. That’s a great combination. I especially like the quirky distractions, such as the occasional electronic frills and sudden extraneous voice.

    Yes, it’s a one-trick pony, but it sure does that trick really well. The music and visuals elevate it beyond simple word play. Given the novelty-tune premise, it’s hard to imagine it being better. Made me smile.

    Great mix of sounds and genres. Mysterious and exotic, while driven with an infectious beat. Feels like I’ve wondered into a Moroccan dive bar in the 1930s.

    This one does an excellent job of capturing (and reinvigorating) the mood and melody lines of the original. Stands on its own without depending on the listener being familiar with the source material.

    A singing voice that’s drenched with character, the open quality of the supporting instruments, and a lively beat makes this a first-class song.

  • @richardyot : made me grab and listen to an early Cure album (3 imaginary boys), the intro specifically reminded me of ‘a forest’

    @DavidEnglish : warm, pleasant and chill to me

    @martinsa82 : jazzy, clear, spacey!

    @Ailerom : what can I say/add? I also like masticating

    @Kitusai : good to hear one with a vocal/lyrics!

    @spyrogaia : atmospheric/cinematic, builds a dark tension

    @studs1966 : professional!

    @martinsa82 @spyrogaia : it’s my woodland gypsy recorded with a zoom h1n

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