Thumbjam and Drumjam together = timing jittering

If DJ and TJ running together I experience timing problems in DJ. Don´t know how to localize the reason as no other app is in Audiobus. Any experience with it?


  • Can you describe your problems a bit more detailled please. Audio timing? Recording starts to late? Midi Sync?

  • In your other post you mention having possible CPU issues with these two apps simultaneously. You can take Audiobus out of the equation entirely and see how it goes. What are the exact setting you are using for MIDI sync? You have to be careful not to send the clock twice... you want to pick one side or the other to configure (e.g. recv clock in one app, or send clock from the other, but not both).

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    I´m currently restoring my iPad. But this is what happened: I set TJ and DJ as input and MTDAW as output. Started DJ with 93bpm, switched to TJ (tempo was different). After switching back to DJ it ran much slower than 93bpm. I switched back to TJ and heard a complete sound mess, crackles and such. Couldn´t play a thing. Switched back to DJ, Tempo changed again this time faster. It seemed to me it "remembered" that it was too slow and speeded up this time. Weird.

    Oh, not to forget, I did not triggered TJ or DJ by midi, just started and played, no recordings.

  • It'd be interesting to hear if you're still encountering this after the restore.

  • After restoring my iPad 2, the jittering does not appear anymore. But still got heavy performance problems, those causing the jittering I´m pretty sure.

  • It might be worth checking out this thread for more info on performance.

  • Thanks, I´m already on this.

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