Great work! (& FRs)

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Hi Michael & fellow AudioBussers ;)

So far I'm loving AudioBus, it's soo smooth moving from app to app & recording in MTDaw - can't believe I'm doing this on a portable device! <3

I have a minor bug report, & a few suggestions after a few hours with AB -

. Bug - In NLog, if I use the arp in hold mode, play some keys, exit to Jamup, then go back to NLog, the keys stop holding
. FR - it'd be nice if Rebirth recorded to separate tracks in MTDaw, but maybe that's for Propellerheads to sort out..
. FR - it would be v.nice to switch to other midi/controller type apps from within the AB menu (even tho, they don't support AB), eg Midi Designer Pro, TB Midi Stuff, Music Studio2, etc

Many thanks for making such a wonderful app Michael! I wish you all the best <3


  • Cheers @BenGeeBee =)

    I've let Rolf know about the NLog thing. Thanks for the other feedback - I'll keep this stuff in mind.
  • Quite agree about other (MIDI) apps being able to use the AB menu. The workflow via the AB menu is very neat and it would be great if you're running an AB synth off a sequencer like Little Midi Machine to have that sequencer inside the AB menu.
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