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edited April 26 in Creations

Album 49. Many thanks for this collection of tracks featuring AddStation and CubeSynthPro by the great dev Harry Gohs of @VirSyn. They are very unique in their sounds. Lol, no other synth can give me the insect sounds I’m forever searching for! These tracks are sleep/dream themed. I hope I succeeded in conveying that… but, probably not!

Also, gratitude to @Pxlhg and @Spidericemidas for such great sound designs. My stuff is not possible without devs and designers like these guys.

PS, as stated in my embarrassment thread, I don’t expect folks to listen to stuff I’ve already posted. This is just part of my workflow.

I do hope Harry gives it a full listen, tho. That would be cool.


  • Great collection! Congrats! I’m proud to be part of your creative process.

    Do you have Kauldron? I’m still pondering on which synth I want to work on next. I had a dabble with Kauldron and made a few pleasing arps, so I might continue to dig deeper into it. We’ll see how it goes. The bank sharing option only seems to offer email, iTunes and iCloud, I think. Not so sure about those. But I suppose if the presets turn out satisfactory enough, I could always try emailing the bank to Yonac and get them added as an update. Early days yet....

  • Thx @Spidericemidas. I do have Kauldron and a bank by you would be welcome. If you’re asking, I would request CubeSynthPro also. I loved using it on this album.

  • Really cool, I'll try to go over them when I draw as it's the only occasion I listen to music nowadays.

    Regarding your other post about your posting rate: I think I can speak for many when I say the only thing that comes to mind is that your productivity is something we wish we all had. :)

  • @LinearLineman said:
    Thx @Spidericemidas. I do have Kauldron and a bank by you would be welcome. If you’re asking, I would request CubeSynthPro also. I loved using it on this album.

    Ok. I will continue with Kauldron. I’d like to get to know it anyway. It’s got a nice chunky-looking UI and easy to follow. I think maybe I’ll try for a selection of bass, lead, arps, pads and pluck sounds in it, and maybe some fx.

    I don’t own Cube synth Pro but it’s on my radar...

  • Thank you @Pxlhg. Your sound designs on AddStation are unique to say the least!
    @Spidericemidas, I look forward to your Kauldron bank. When I finish 9 tracks with Charley Krachy (4 so far) I’ll return to LaPlace. It will be a bit of a challenge cause I rely on your pads and ARPs. So, we both have our near musical futures cut out for us. Keep up the good work. 🥊😉😎

  • Some great sounds on this one. It’s a nice counterpoint to the more (obviously) jazz based creations. Garden of Eden is probably my favourite track followed by In the light of Dreams.
    I’ve lost track of whether I’m catching you up but I’m enjoying the race!

  • Lol @GeoTony album #52 coming out today. I think you’ll catch up, tho. I feel a lull coming on. Hope all is well by you, my friend. Thanks for the assiduosity!

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