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Piano Doodle(s)

edited April 2022 in Creations


  • Good. I liked the third. Is that an iOS piano? 👍

  • @SpookyZoo. That’s some pretty stuff top to bottom bro. Made me feel a little melancholy.
    Haven’t seen your name around here in a while.
    Good to know that some of the pilgrims are still here.

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    Thanks fellas!

    @LinearLineman all 3 are using Ravenscroft.

    @Ben Yeah I rarely post anything publicly.

    I recently reacquainted with an old school friend and he's started putting little videos to a few of the snippets of musical ideas I send over to him. The most recent one he did, that he named Granite really touched me. Possibly encouraging me to be more open to sharing some of my musical doodles. :) Cheers.

  • Sounds great! What fx are you sending the piano through? Built in reverb? I don’t have Ravenscroftc usually use Pure Piano for that, but it sounds great here.

  • These are not 'doodles'. They are beautiful songs that I enjoyed listening to. Thank you for posting them.

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    Hey, thanks guys!

    @HotStrange Ravenscroft has it's own ambient reverb but I ran those first 2 through the Blackhole Reverb app (Eventide). Default preset probably.

    @Paulieworld Those are kind words, thank you.

    I love those moments of composing something new. I don't have the skill/ears/patience or inclination to produce full tracks. I have a ton of these 'Doodles' and my friend has been encouraging me to put them out there and share, which I think is in part the reason he's been using a few of them for his short videos. I've been reluctant because they're so unpolished. But if just one person enjoyed listening to it then it's been worth it. So thanks for ticking that box. 👍

  • All the best Doodles contain a few mistakes...just to add a little flavour. :)

  • @SpookyZoo said:
    All the best Doodles contain a few mistakes...just to add a little flavour. :)

    That was very good!

  • @SpookyZoo said:
    All the best Doodles contain a few mistakes...just to add a little flavour. :)

    Nice to hear solo piano here; it can be too easy to throw in the kitchen sink if I'm not careful.
    I agree about "mistakes" that's my forte.

  • Thanks for the listen guys.

  • Refined the last Doodle into something a bit simpler and calmer…

  • Lovely tracks @SpookyZoo . No need to be reticent about sharing them as they are excellent.

  • I much preferred your first Goosebump. That’s the way of things. I often try to make something better that is “better” left alone. Just my opinion, of course.

  • I enjoyed Goosebumps too. And I think it is a good idea to have "versions" of tracks that might lead to additional ideas. I found the style reminded me of Taylor Swift-I very much mean that as a compliment.

  • edited May 2022

    Hey guys. Thanks for taking the time to listen and comments. Appreciated.

    I tweaked Goosebumps slightly with a few subtle chord changes. I've not quite got it down yet but thought I'd capture a quick snippet of it.

    I used a different iOS piano this time too. One of the oldest.

    @kewtips I really like the idea of versions too. I've often thought if I came up with an album of material I really liked then I'd probably just keep releasing versions of the same album, just recorded in different apps. If anyone has done that before I'd love to check them out.

    @LinearLineman I too really like the energy of 1st version. I played it again today for the first time in ages after your comment, and it's certainly fun to play it that more energetic way.

    Thanks @GeoTony 👍

    EDIT: updated and replaced with normalized versions

  • edited June 2022

    Although I'm not really much of a piano player, I really do enjoy getting lost in time when composing little doodles.

    I wasn't sure whether to post anymore, but here's the latest just in case someone else enjoys it too.

  • Reverb with a touch of piano.

  • It appears I've overlooked some beautiful music. I just listened to each and every one of these. Fantastic.

  • Gorgeous piano pieces @SpookyZoo - I love piano with lashings of reverb!

  • edited January 25

    Hey @MadeofWax Thanks for the listens and lovely words. Appreciated!

    Cheers @AlterEgo_UK The last track was mainly down to the wonderful magic of Rymdigare.

    Out of interest...does anyone have a favourite reverb for Piano?

    I came across the Stage preset within Bleass reverb and it's an amazingly lovely and subtle reverb for intimate piano noodling. I find myself putting it on everything now.

    I'm also a recent convert to Pure Piano having used Ravenscroft almost exclusively previously.

  • Very much enjoyed Myst 👍

  • @GeoTony said:
    Very much enjoyed Myst 👍

    Great to hear, thanks!
    I just listened to one of your tracks where you used Ravenscroft with GeoShred. It sounded great, and not something I had considered before, but now it’s something I’ve pencilled in to try over the weekend. Cheers.

  • I got lost here…

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