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Wotja 22 Pro on iPad with AUM - Add Mix issue

I’m new to Wotja so I may be doing something wrong.
Here’s what I want to do:

Create AUM file
Add Wotja 22 and used it as a midi source
Create new mix inside Wotja and output the midi to Synthesizer One

But when I open Wotja inside AUM it doesn’t show previously created mixes (created in stand alone mode) and when I click the + button to create an automatic mix, nothing happens and no new file is created.
I’ve already successfully selected a flow and output the midi to Synthesizer One in AUM so I know everything is set up correctly

I’m probably doing something wrong with regard to mixes and would appreciate some help.


  • Wotja AU and Wotja standalone store their files in different places (iOS limitation). Copy the mix to clipboard from the standalone version, then in the AU Add New => Mix (from Clipboard).

  • Thanks very much. I’ve just realized that when I restarted AUM and it asks where to store files and I choose iCloud and now all the files are there. Thanks

  • Yes, sorry, I should have mentioned that it's only an issue if you store files on-device; iCloud storage circumvents the issue entirely and Intermorphic tend to recommend it unless you absolutely need to work offline.

  • @fxdaly @Masanga

    Also to mention that working offline with iCloud works well in my experience; in that when you go back on line, Wotja's iCloud documents are replicated automatically to the cloud. All very nifty :smile:


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