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Dev Challenge: Who would like to code the Echoplex EDP Pro / Echoloop Mac/Win plugin for IOS?

Dear developers,

I'm a livelooping veteran who went through all the stages of technical progress regarding hardware and software looping machines over the past 35+ years and I'm looking for an experienced person or a company who is willing to make the Oberheim (later: Gibson) Echoplex EDP Pro hardware looper or rather its software version Echoloop (Mac/Win) into an AUv3 app for IOS.

The EDP is after almost 30 years since its birth (and after many firmware- and later software updates) still one of the deepest and most creative livelooping devices on the planet and I believe it's well worth the effort developing for iPad.

For me, it's just sad to see that almost all loop devices on the market use mere 5% of the functions possible. True, it would seem that many people (for whatever reasons) are happy with 1-button thingies that can record, play, overdub, undo and redo ...and that's fine.
But wouldn't it be cool if there was an app ready once the aforementioned isn't enough anymore, with which one could grow and go much, much further regarding the creation and manipulation of liveloops?

If you want to hear what the EDP can do please listen to André LaFosse, David Torn, Battles and many more...

Sounds interesting?

Ok, the situation is this:
The maker of both the hardware EDP and it's software version is a personal friend of mine and he has given me permission to seek out a developer who is up for the task of "simply" porting the Echoloop Mac/Win plugin to IOS (I know it's not simple at all, but still, a lot of work has already been done).
Or: porting it and go from there. There is room for new ideas...

If you think you are that person please let me know. I can give you more details, answer questions and ultimately, put you in touch.

Please note: personally, I have no financial or other commercial interest in this endeavor. I'm just a player who's passionate about this wonderful device and the creative possibilities of livelooping. I'm doing this for a very long time, took part in international livelooping festivals and created a few myself.

However, this is supposed to be a commercial undertaking on a professional level and should ultimately enter into an agreement with the creator of Echoloop / EDP.

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