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Latency between iPad an Mac, with iConnect, iDAM etc



  • @Korakios said:

    @AlmostAnonymous said:

    @Korakios said:

    @AlmostAnonymous said:
    its 100x greater than a night and day difference between 4 and 5.
    all of that "lets see if we can loop wirelessly" i was talking up there was the beta.

    I've edited my post , unfortunately I can't try the beta.
    Generally I don't mind if there are issues with an app ,as long as devs are interested in fixing the bugs .

    If its closed/not accepting, just ask the dev if you can join still. I think its just open enrollment is closed.

    You mean on the zerodebug forum ? I'll try but I don't think I'll get any response .

    There were some posts there a while back about things window users have to remove and some thing to install that solved a lot of problems for people using it on Windows. I’m using Mac . So, can’t help.

  • I solved this using Studiomux, and a negative track delay on the source track in Ableton to compensate for the ~35 millisecond round trip. This uses a single USB cable, and can send several tracks over the connection, in both directions.

    Now I've got my head around how it works, it's a pretty great setup.

  • I have a reasonable outcome in a somewhat similar senario. iConnectM4+ aggregate with MOTU M4. 2 iPads into MacBook running Renoise. I'm able to run audio and midi any direction between all 3 devices. I generally am just using it to process samples , iOS midi processors, and plugins that are a way better deal on iOS though. The audio latency is only about 10-20 ms. There are occasionally some hiccups or dropouts but for my purposes it's not frequent enough to be a problem.

  • New solution: I ran cables from an output to an input on my K-Mix interface for a hardware loopback. Then I can use the loopback app to send audio out the correct channel.

    Works a treat, and free, too! And no added latency from aggregating devices.

  • One general tip I'd add - if you're connecting to the Mac via Lightning or USB-C - I've had best results if the Mac is connected via Ethernet - then use the Internet Sharing option in Sys Prefs - then you can turn off Bluetooth & Wi-Fi on the iPad- still get all the functionality... IDAM, AirDrop, Internet, Sidecar & Universal Control. This has worked best for me w/ latency - YMMV!

    Also, I've seen here a few times that IDAM is 44.1 - it's supposed to be 48, but I think this might be a bug as some devices don't support certain sample rates. Also, make sure the 1st device in an Aggregate can be a Leader, if it can't, then either make it a secondary device, or set up some drift compensation. I've found Loopback to be much more reliable though than aggregates. ~Best!

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