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MultitrackStudio for iPad, Audiobus question

The new version of the app says "Supports Audiobus (acts as output in Audiobus app)." Does this mean I can't record audio from other apps into MTS using audiobus. Example: Genome --midi--> Animoog --Audiobus--> MTS


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    Thanks for the reply. There's no space between Multitrack and Studio, "MultitrackStudio". Here's the link:

    But yeah, now that I see that one sitting in the output slot I see what you mean... It accepts 'input' from other apps.

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    Not only can u record in MTS via AB, it has an incredible midi sequencer with cc automation for whatever you may require, (that would allow you to skip using an additional midi sequencer app)

  • Has anyone got the Extension Pack IAP? I'm curious on thoughts on that.

  • "source", "effect" and "destination" would, I think, be clearer than the input/output confusion. They just don't sound as nice.

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    I bought the Extension Pack IAP, as a matter of course: I really really like this software, bought and am as amazed by the desktop version, want to support the developer, and the pack itself is full of amazing shit. I use the convoluter (which loads imported IR) and the cycle-play and transpose audio track functionality every time I work in MTS. And that's only a small part of what's on offer in the Pack.
    I find MTS to be an incredible studio app

  • Thanks. Pretty steep price for an IAP, but I am interested.

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    Ya the price was daunting - but I figured that the initial software already did more of what I want than Cubasis before the extension...and the extension only now brings the buyin up close to the Cubasis price point.
    The midi and audio track editing, effects, AudioShare implementation, soundfont functionality, and all around smartness are standouts on this one.
    I think people are put off by the minimalist/brutalist GUI, but the functionality of the interface is really liquid and transparent, even more "one screen" than Cubasis

  • Does the cycle play allow loop points to stick? That has been one of my beefs with the app, but aside from that, it is a very good app.

  • Not sure what you mean by stick-

  • If I set up a loop in MTS it automatically starts playing the loop. No problem there, but as soon as I hit stop, the loop points disappear. I'd prefer they stay intact, unless I clear them.

  • Loop markers is via IAP?

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    I see what u mean, sorry about that. Yes the new cycle play stays put, in that u use a marker that is an edit function, and the edit marker stays put then u can select cycle play along with copy, paste and the other edit functions for the marked section like repeat, transpose, preserve formant, volume, reverse etc etc.
    You put your finger on a key piece, I misspoke above when I was listing the upsides of the new Pack, the cycle-play was a feature added in the new update, not part of the IAP. Came from user complaints/requests
    Here the link that details IAP items...
    The IAP is full of big boy functionality, not all of which I've grown into

  • I've been holding off buying this to see if it goes on sale. Nothing. Might have to just take the plunge. Doesn't make sense to wait months just to save $10 or something.

  • @Coloobar
    This is a very deep, feature rich DAW. It does a lot of things none of the others do. It's also very much it's own animal - idiosyncratic but very smartly sorted out.
    It's a personal thing, which DAW clicks for you, but I say go for it

  • Mmmmm....still pondering the IAP. Thanks @Littlewoodg for the clarification.

  • Can someone who owns both MTS and Auria with some of the IAP plugins comment on how the included effects (Fader, Compressor, Master Limiter, Noise Gate, Pseudo Stereo, Reverb, Saturator, etc.) quality compares between the two? Does MTS have automation?

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    MTS does have draw-able automation lanes for 12 common parameters, including volume, pan, velocity, expression, modulation, pitch etc, then another 227 assignable controllers, half of which are assignable to aftertouch

    I do have both Auria and MTS. The FX included in MTS v Auria: yikes.

    First of all, I would throw in the MTS Extension pack into the comparison, as this would add in mastering fx and convolution reverb that are included in Auria's base price, and bring the MTS price point up to match Auria's.

    This bends the rules, because if we consider IAPs for Auria, the comparison goes all the way out of whack: holy shit, the IAP stuff for Auria! Anyway.

    Bottom line in terms of included fx, for me at least is that Auria included effects spec out probably at higher audio quality, but has fewer effects included. My estimate of Auria's higher quality is amateur supposition on my part, given the "64bit double precision" mixing engine and all the rest that one pays for in Auria (both in $ and CPU). All that $ and CPU must = higher quality, right? Not really clear if my iPad 4 can make good use of the 64bit double precision...

    MTS has many more fx, they sound great to these ears, and they come in a package that includes midi recording and sequencing, and superior audio editing. I have Auria, and all the amazing IAPs but I use MTS. I might switch when/if Auria gets midi editing and sequencing, but the Auria GUI leaves me cold and might still send me back into MTS

  • Great discussion. What i got was that auria put too much into having a fancy GUI. i am a beginner with using DAWs but am a stong user with software in general. MTS seems slick and does the job without the bells and whistles. MTS has plenty of room to add whatever they want without worrying about overuse of CPU AND resources. Am i getting it?

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