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Recommend an Interface

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iOS music, and especially Audiobus, has completely changed the way I make music. Unfortunately, hardware has been the bottleneck for me. I am looking for an interface that will allow me to 1.) record with a mic at decent quality 2.) get audio out at decent quality and 3.) allow me to plug in a midi keyboard. I want to use this setup for both home recording and live performance. Any suggestions?



  • Akai EIE..via cck $136 at musicians friend/buffoon center right now!
    Best kept secret!

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    What Dubhausdisco said. That's what I'm using. 3USB inputs, traditional midi in & out. 4 mic/guitar inputs, vu meters etc. Great buy. EIE is 16 bit. EIE Pro 24 bit at $200. IOS and PC friendly.

  • Does it charge the iPad too?

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    There is no device that uses cck that charges. I have the older apple component video kit, so if I get low on battery I plug that in. Output from that goes to input 3/4 on EIE and you are still in business, just minus the controllers.
    Hook up the 10v iPad charger to the component video kit and you are ballin'.

  • Mgmg- does it amaze you as well that the EIE is such a secret? I've been telling anyone who will listen about it!
    I look after my baby girl, so I only get 1-4 hours a night (depending on how sleepy I am prepared to be the next day), and my iPad 3 easily stays charged.. Gotta have brightness at 50% though lol

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    Ok, after this ill shut up...
    Don't forget the EIE has pre A/D inserts, if you've got hardware compressors, eq's etc.. Very very cool piece of hardware...

    This is from last summer, and gives a brief rundown how I use the EIE

  • @Dubhausdisco Absolutely. I ran into this watching a video on youtube. Whsts amazing is there is no recommendation from Akai for Ipad use. It works flawlessly. I've got a microarranger, a midi guitar and a Roland AX 09 plugged in and never have to unplug them, along with 2 mics. Love it.

  • Lol, so that was your video. Thanks man. Would have never known about this best kept secret.

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    We never shutup on this forum. Another best kept secret for IOS musicians. Well, used to be.

  • I thought I had seen where there were some compatibility issues with the EIE Pro and the iPad...or possibly some specific apps. Anyone have any experience with that? I've been looking for a solution that would give me multi-I/Ps to the DAWs, and I'd prefer 24 bit.

  • The pro won't work- I ordered that first and sent it back. That's the only drawback, (16 bit 44.1) but the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks, because the unit sounds great. Just hit it with solid level and you're fine...

  • Mgmg- lol thanks... I've been meaning to make a new vid as things have changed in my setup (I got tired of standing the whole time :-)
    I've even got my old four track from the 90's patched in and finding cool stuff there too.

  • Thanks @Dubhausdisco. That saves me money and time, neither of which I have enough 99% of the rest of the world!

  • Just thought of another question....has anyone tried using additional audio interfaces into the EIE USB ports? That would really be great to expand the unit.

  • The NI Komplete Audio 6 works nicely for me. Needs a powered USB hub though.

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    Funjunkie, yeah I tried it. When I first got my iPad and cck, I tried one of my Stanton t90 USB decks with it and it worked! Very cool workflow as it was patched into my dj mixer. Vinyl recorded to the iPad, and playback came back through the deck (even compensated for riia curve)!!!
    Anyways, yeah I've tried a few devices thru the USB on the EIE and apparently it will only let you have one at a time.
    Ps- is apple still making the cck? I haven't seen any at my usual haunts lately.

  • I think ill try my rp 255 pedal when I get home.

  • Dubhausdisco, I've been running my iOS stuff through my Tascam tape 4 track to give it some analog crackle and glitch.

    mgmg4871, I thought about trying the rp 350, but then I found out I can't use camera kit because I only have an iphone.

  • Thanks again @Dubhausdisco. I think I'll be picking one up, given that and the price. On the CCK, I haven't looked around, but I'd be surprised if it is discontinued.

  • @nathanbiehl the rp255 definitely works straight in to cck on ipad. I want to see if it works via the EIE.

  • Nathan- cool cool. It's getting hard to find quality blank cassettes these days!
    I wonder if any of the "off brand" cck's work with the iphone...

  • I just checked and Apple and Amazon have CCKs in stock.

  • @mgmg4871 - I had used my RP-355 before directly into the cck without any problems. It would be great if it works via the EIE.

  • @Dubhausdisco my Tascam is open reel to reel, probably a 70s rig. I use any tape I can find. If anyone knows of an offbrand camera kit controller that works with iPhone, I would LOVE to hear! I am working with a local hardware hacker to maybe make something with a 30 pin breakout rig.

  • @funjunkie27 I'll post back here this evening cst, to let you know if it works.

  • Thanks so much for the responses, these are exactly what I need! The Akai looks like my next purchase.

    @nathanbiehl -I've actually been running my iOS through my Tascam 424 so far. I'll probably continue to make that part of my setup. In fact, getting sound from the 424 into the iPad is one of my major reasons for getting an interface.

  • @mgmg4871 - great! I appreciate any insight on it before spending the money!

  • @nathanbiehl right on.. Same here. In addition to the four track(s) I've got an 80's tascam 38, but its seen better days!

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    @funjunkie I tested the rp 255 with the EIE and it does not work via USB, but does work as audio input. I tried usb with a powered USB hub but it didn't work. I did get some movement on vu meter in Garageband without powered hub. I haven't totally given up because of some movement of meter in garageband. I'll post if I get it working. It did show up as a midi port in Cubasis.

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 through powered USB perfectly ! Check it out :D

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